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Choosing an application for tuning and optimizing the system to android-devices – Clean Master and DU Speed ​​Booster –

Splash Screen (ease of navigation and control)

Scanning and cleaning systems

The speed of

Application Manager

The ability to self-tuning optimization

Task Manager

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0% / 76 MB


Antitheft + customizable lock screen

Backup applications and data / cloud storage
Yes / No


Protection of data privacy

Control permissions for applications and AD-modules

Blocking calls / SMS
Excellent / bad

Save battery

Managing and Configuring

Accelerator games

Compatible with all versions of Android
with Android 2.2

Getting Started

The first thing that we see, opening Clean Master – a large banner that displays the percentage of fill shared memory (internal memory, USB-drive, SD- Card), and the degree of loading RAM. Below are four windows: First, we show junk files (probably scan occurred when the program starts), the possible acceleration, antivirus and application manager.

300x400 39 KB. Big one: 768x1024 95 KB

We have a solution very much. It’s simple, clear and practical decorated, ie human eye itself automatically draws attention to the necessary elements.

Main Menu

According to tradition dig deeper into the settings Clean Master, for that pay attention to the upper right corner of the screen. There are hidden not only the main menu of the optimizer, but also recommended the application developer, to put it simply, advertising. It turns unobtrusive such a button, or non-binding.

300x400 40 KB. Big one: 768x1024 121 KB  300x400 40 KB. Big one: 768x1024 100 KB

The main menu is a few points: the first offers to download a separate antivirus CM Security studio Cheetah Mobile (developer Clean Master). About him we’ll be sure when we will see the following article to test anti-virus software (select smartphone victim and infect it inside and out).

The following is a list of other applications that studio.

300x400 70 KB. Big one: 768x1024 201 KB

Below that there are settings which are discussed later, as well as traditional: update layknut, feedback, questions and answers, information about the program.

300x400 53 KB. Big one: 768x1024 174 KB

By the way, each time returning to the home screen with the other windows application reviewing data on the device memory, thus always providing the latest information – useful solution.


There are many settings, but they need? For example, the first item we offer some set notification bar.

300x400 36 KB. Big one: 768x1024 120 KB

According to us and without the status bar Android is constantly overloaded elements, but for those who like such decisions, explained.

It’s simple: a choice of two themes (light and dark) and absolutely all the icons for the functions of the optimizer, which can be customized, that is to display the Quick Launch.

300x400 27 KB. Big one: 768x1024 76 KB  300x400 41 KB. Big one: 768x1024 129 KB

Below activate the floating widget that will constantly flickering on the right side of the screen and the signal of how much” eats “RAM our device. It is possible to activate the “magic” (fast) cleaning, turn informer weather and customize tabs to the browser.

This option is useful where the notification panel, as part frees our hands when operating the device, so it is left switched on.

300x400 28 KB. Big one: 768x1024 82 KB  300x400 156 KB. Big one: 768x1024 340 KB
 300x400 73 KB. Big one: 768x1024 221 KB  300x40   0 72 KB. Big one: 768x1024 224 KB

Cleaning garbage

In the remaining paragraphs setting enables or disables the memory scan, notifications of fullness and a reminder of debris.

We recommend that these items do not touch, because I really very convenient to constantly monitor the health of the device, the more that can be configured below the frequency of checking the system (from once a day to once every two weeks), as well as maximum storage size under debris (from 50 to 500 MB).

300x400 33 KB. Big one: 768x1024 102 KB  300x400 31 KB. Big one: 768x1024 99 KB

The default is obsolete scan apk, large-sized folders and customizable sorting by file types according to their extensions.

300x400 31 KB. Big one: 768x1024 99 KB  300x400 33 KB. Big one: 768x1024 102 KB


You can enable real-time protection (antivirus) and block malicious web pages, a database which is constantly updated. If for some reason your favorite site made the list, but you are completely confident in it, then below you can add it to the exceptions.

300x400 17 KB. Big one: 768x1024 55 KB

The heuristic engine (smart lock threats) – this is what definitely not in the AMC and CCleaner. It can be found under “Advanced Settings.”

When you activate this option makes it possible to upgrade the kernel heuristic, ie, this parameter is not a sham, and really works and maintained the function you are working.

300x400 20 KB. Big one: 768x1024 47 KB  300x400 20 KB. Big one: 768x1024 63 KB
 300x400 14 KB. Big one: 768x1024 43 KB  300x400 21 KB. Big one: 768x1024 69 KB

If you want, you can configure the auto-delete records schedule, that is the history of your cleanings.


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