Monday, December 22, 2014

Android One enters new markets – Mail.Ru




Google has launched in September in India program Android One, which is aimed at emerging markets and should bring low-cost smartphones, coupled with the current system update. Now the program will start to work in neighboring India developing countries.


The new countries in the list of the spread of Android One” in the coming weeks “will be Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Google notes that the total population of these countries is 200 million people, which should help to bring Android «other five billion”. Despite some success, the company failed to implement the planned launch in seven countries before the end of 2014, fully started working only in India.

The program will involve local partners, but Google calls only Banglalink, focusing on the launch by new smartphone Symphony Roar A50. Perhaps personal references won only one company due to the fact that other partners have expressed their willingness to cooperate only, but have not submitted their smartphones. The situation repeats itself – at the Google I / O 2014 the search giant to Android One presentation cited several manufacturers, including players on the world stage, but more companies in the domestic market, it has not yet reached.

Earlier, it was reported that Android One not in great demand in India, as buyers are more interested in the functionality of the device than the current system updates, and prefer more technically perfect device for a similar cost. Perhaps, another constraint is the small number of smartphones with Android One on board, although a variety of devices in this initiative does not make much sense, since the technical capabilities of the devices is clearly spelled out. Inability to highlight differences between devices, for example, by a shell, forcing some manufacturers under pressure to sell more successful players these smartphones outside the Indian market on their own.

Perhaps the entry into new markets will allow Google to make their initiative more and more popular in the world, but at the moment it would be important to pay more attention by the phone itself, not the software features as low Soup choose for the most part, their opportunities at the lowest cost, but not for current updates.

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