Thursday, December 25, 2014

Google gave photographers a serious reason to choose Android instead of the iPhone – Telekomza

Update Android software from Google comes out with an important feature for photography enthusiasts: the ability to shoot raw images in RAW-format.

This means that users will be able to see the look of photos before the camera phone will process them and transfer the file to JPEG.

The ability to shoot in RAW – a common thing for high-performance digital SLR cameras, but it was not available for mobile phones until recently.

Smartphones Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1020, which are known to built high-end cameras, the first to have been able to offer such an opportunity. But now it seems that this feature will be available on most modern phones Android.


Why is it important? The average person is probably not very concerned about how to have a photograph in “raw” form. For the average consumer there will be more trouble than improvements. Software cameras in phones built so as to compress and convert images to JPEG format or a similar format – easily share these files, they are easy to edit.

But those who know something in the photo could greatly benefit from the new features. Unlike JPEG or PNG, RAW gives you the freedom and flexibility to edit and manipulate different parts of the image.

RAW-photos substantially – “clean” images captured by the camera matrix without any modifications or compression. This means that photographers will be able to tinker with them as they want – in Photoshop or other software for processing. In other words, when you shoot in RAW, the camera software makes no assumptions about how should look like the colors and other elements of the image.

A new feature – not the most noticeable addition to Android, but it opens up possibilities for mobile phones to replace professional camera – in certain circumstances. And it certainly gives Android an advantage over the iPhone in this specific issue. Although the camera in the iPhone takes great photos, it does not allow to shoot in RAW, unlike phones running Android 5.0.





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