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The first thing that you need a new Android-phone user –


If you have got a new Android-based phone, you should start with no download games. Most likely, your smartphone is already pre-installed applications from the manufacturer device. But to take advantage of the best features Android, you will have to install something extra. And do not even support Android Lollipop smartphone will have new opportunities. Freshest Android operating system is not available to all users. However, this does not interfere with those who have received their first Android-smartphone as a New Year gift, take advantage of some of the possibilities that offers a clean Android.


On the resource page dedicated to PCWorld interesting article, authored by Derek Walter. It is intended for new and novice users of modern devices. Experienced users will likely know all this. However, some tips Derek Walter might be useful for them.

Of course, all this can be interesting only to those users who prefer native Google services to the applications that gave him the phone manufacturer as part of its program shell.

In addition to these applications for mobile OS Android there are so many downloaders, browsers, and third-party keyboards.

Set the boot Google Now

 Google Now

Many Android phone manufacturers modify their customizable interface, which is sometimes quite complicated. The first step is to install a clean interface from Google Play loader Google Now (Google Start) . He puts the Google search bar on the home screen. Pressing the microphone allows voice search. Google Now is the perfect canvas for apps and widgets.

Use Hangouts for sending messages

 Hangouts Hangouts

Many people still like to communicate with voice messages. But they do not necessarily listen to. Google Voice lets you maximize correctly convert voicemail to text messages and display them in the web interface Hangouts or Google Voice.

Tools and Services Voice moved to Hangouts. Overall Hangouts became the center of the communication on a smartphone.

Of course, Hangouts , an application that can be downloaded from Google Play, supports text messaging and allows you to synchronize everything between your computer and mobile devices.

Photos in Google +


It also happens that the phone is out of order, and with it lost and photos. Avoid such a situation will allow a backup (backup) photos Google+ Photos. Updating of this application is made through an application Google + , which can be downloaded on Google Play. In this case, the application has its own icon Photos and functionality.

Choose a backup at full resolution, if you do not want to lose as the original photo. These photos are limited in terms of free Google Drive limit of 15 gigabytes. If the user stores as something else, then the photos will be less space. Additional 100 GB of cloud storage Google Drive user cost of $ 2 per month.

Web navigation with Chrome

 Chrome Beta Chrome Beta

Beta Browser Chrome can be downloaded from Google Play. Using the browser, you can log in to your Google account and sync your bookmarks and open tabs between your browser devaysa.

Material Design of the operating system Android Lollipop is so popular that perhaps over time it will appear on the computers. Latest tablets based on this operating system are compared. What kind of opportunities Android Lollipop, in your opinion, to date, not enough Smartphone with shells from the manufacturers of devices?


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