Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vice president of Google's Android Hugo Barra goes Xiaomi - Computer Information Portal

As it became known today, Google and its Android division soon will miss one of its key employees. Hugo Barra, holding the position of vice president of product-management, has decided to leave the company and move into the ranks of China’s Xiaomi.

Barr was in the ranks of Google since 2008 (previously worked in technology specializing in speech recognition company Nuance) and was a very visible and public figure, speaking at many events such as the annual developer conference Google I / O and introducing new products of the company. The last of these products presented to them recently became the new tablet Nexus 7.


released in about treatment, Google has expressed regret at the departure Barr and wished him success in his new job and expressed joy at the fact that this is a place of work is also associated with the ecosystem Android. Xiaomi in the last couple of years has become a well-known company through the issuance of smart phones with the highest hardware performance at a low price. Another plus of devices is installed on top of the Android operating system software shell own MIUI, which many enthusiasts of mobile devices is called the best among the products of this kind.

However, to date Xiaomi could not compete in the global smartphone market with the likes of Samsung, Apple, HTC, and other well-known names. For this reason, the company was limited to the release of their smartphone exclusively in China, where they were bought up in the first hours after the release. Perhaps the arrival of such prominent figures as Barra, would herald the beginning of a new era in the history of the Chinese company, and expand its ambitions beyond his country. Alludes to this job title Hugo Barr – Vice President, Xiaomi Global.

As for Google and Android, this turn of events, the observer causes some concern, taking into account of a previous withdrawal from the post of head of Android Andy Rubin, the creator of the operating system.

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