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The new version of the Google Android platform will be called KitKat - RIA Novosti

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MOSCOW, September 4 – RIA Novosti, Alina Gaynullina. A new version of the mobile operating system Google Android 4.4 codenamed KitKat – similar to chocolate bars, which are manufactured by Nestle, according to official page of the new Android.

chapter on the development of Android and Chrome Sundar Pichai confirmed the name KitKat in his microblog on Twitter, posting a photo of the new Android stylized statue on the campus of Google. He also reported that the number of activated Android-devices, including smartphones and tablets, over one billion.

As reported, Google is not the first time called the new version of Android as sweets, and in alphabetical order. Previous modifications were named Cupcake (cupcake), Donut (donut), Eclair (eclair), Froyo (frozen yogurt), Gingerbread (gingerbread), Honeycomb (honeycomb), Ice Cream Sandwich (ice cream sandwich) and Jelly Bean (chewing Bean). For the new operating system Google, according to media reports, first used the name of the Key Lime Pie (lemon tart).

However, the final name became KitKat – thus for the first time Google has chosen the brand name for the new Android. “KitKat – favorite team sweetness Android”, – said the developers.

As part of the promotional campaign will release a limited edition Nestle chocolate bars with the packaging, which shows the symbol of Android. Some chocolates will be attached to a voucher for a free tablet Nexus 7 or gift card app store Google Play. Details of a commercial agreement between Google and Nestle were not disclosed. Also not disclosed specifications of Android 4.4, but Google, may tell us more about them at the exhibition IFA, which is now in Berlin.

Android continues to lead the global smartphone market – according to IDC, its share in the second quarter was more than 79%.

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