Thursday, September 19, 2013

The main "Killer SMS» comes to Android and the iPhone in the coming weekend -

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Company BlackBerry (former Research In Motion) has announced on his blog the release date of the application BlackBerry Messenger (BBM): owners of Android-devices it will be available this Saturday, Sept. 21, and owners of devices based on Apple iOS – the next day, September 22.

BBM app allows owners of smartphones and tablets free instant messaging with the ability to know the time of delivery and time the message was read separately.

Until recently BBM app could use only the owners of mobile devices BlackBerry – it was one of the advantages of the platform is mainly used in the corporate world. However, in May 2013 the head of the BlackBerry Thorsten Heins (Thorsten Heins) said that the messenger will be cross-platform.

«Now is the time to make BBM available to a wider audience. It does not matter what device uses people, “- said Haynes in May, adding that the final version of the application is scheduled to release in the summer of 2013

Observers believe that the BlackBerry is a necessary step, which is probably due to a more open ecosystem will help to increase consumer interest in the devices of the Canadian company.

BlackBerry launches BBM for users of other platforms

How to tell a BlackBerry, Android and iOS to be available all the basic functions of BBM, including BBM Chat (instant messaging between any device on one of the three platforms – BlackBerry, Android and iOS) and BBM Groups (create group chats with up to 30 companions).

BBM Members will be aware that their message has been received, and whether it has been delivered and read or delivered, but not yet read by the addressee. As noted above, the same functionality is present in BBM for BlackBerry, and, for example, iMessage.

BBM for BlackBerry

Users will be able to send pictures and voice notes. Ability to send voice recordings recently appeared in WhatsApp. They also have the opportunity to change the profile picture and change the status message about what they know everyone else.

BBM functionality is wide enough, so the BlackBerry messenger called “social network.” Service has more than 60 million users only on devices BlackBerry, which on average spend per application about a half hour every day, sending and receiving in excess of 10 billion messages.

to install BBM on Android OS version will require not less than Android 4.0, for iOS – 6.0 or later. It also supports the new firmware iOS 7.0.

In subsequent updates Messenger for Android and iOS BlackBerry company promises to add the missing features so far (which is, in BBM for BlackBerry) – it’s BBM Channels (analogue of Twitter users to BBM), BBM Video (video calls) and BBM Voice ( voice calls).

leading smartphone manufacturers already have their own messenger: the company is Samsung ChatON, and at Apple – iMessage. ChatON app is cross-plaformennym, it can download not only the owners of smartphones Samsung, but also any other devices on Android, as well as iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Service is also available with Windows-based PCs and on any device via a web interface.

service iMessage, on the contrary, is the most closed (this was previously and BBM) – they can not use anybody, except owners of iOS-devices and your Mac. The company Apple has no plans to release iMessage for other platforms.

There are third-party free or almost free analogues such as WhatsApp. This service is one of the most popular among smartphone owners. Its disadvantages include the lack of opportunity to use a computer.

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