Sunday, September 8, 2013

NSA hackers are able to break the IPhone, BlackBerry, and Android - BBC News

NSA hackers can hack the operating system almost all popular smartphones. These data are published the German edition of Der Spiegel, the journalists who received another batch of revelations. Specialists can hack “OSes” IPhone, BlackBerry and Android. So hackers from U.S. intelligence can easily get the user’s contact list hacked smart phone, read his text messages and calculate the location of the owner.

example, to find the desired data owner IPhone, simply hack the computer, which is synchronized with the gadget. With the help of special scripts can “sneak” in 38. Also, scouts can read the correspondence on the BlackBerry, although these smart phones are considered very reliable.

Such documents have appeared in the National Security Agency in 2009, ITAR-TASS reported. Der Spiegel notes that for each manufacturer of gadgets, whether IPhone, BlackBerry or Android, has a “private” group of professionals who are responsible for breaking into a particular brand of gadget.

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