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Analysts: iPad defeated Android-plates -

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In II quarter 2013 deliveries tablets running Google Android operating system in the world market for the first time exceeded the supply of tablets iPad, on the platform of Apple iOS, according to ABI Research. Specific figures the company has not led.

In addition, manufacturers of Android tablets have reached parity with Apple in terms of money. At the end of the II quarter of this year, tablets were sold in the amount of $ 12.7 billion, which Apple, on the one hand, and all the other vendors, on the other, divided equally.

Analysts also noted that the average selling price of iPad is fast approaching the average market value of Android-plates. Over the last year the average price of iPad decreased by 17%, while the average price of other brands of tablets – has increased by the same amount.

decrease in the average prices of iPad due to the shift of customer demand for lower-cost 7.9-inch model iPad mini. According to analysts, in the II quarter of iPad mini formed 60% of all deliveries and brought the Apple iPad 49% of all proceeds from the sale of the plates.

Total delivery of tablets in the period from April to June 2013 increased by 23% compared to the same period last year.

Analysts have long said that Apple is gradually losing its position in the tablet market.

iPad conceded superiority in the tablet market platform Android

According to Strategy Analytics, in the II quarter of 2013 the share of Apple in the global tablet market in the figure fell almost doubled to 28.3% compared with 47.2% in the same period last year. The company’s share has decreased not only due to the rapid growth of the other players, but also for the reason that the supply of its own tablet, iPad, decreased by 14% compared to the same period last year (to 14.6 million units).

dwindling supply of iPad in the II quarter of this year, analysts attributed the lack of new models: the specified period, the Company did not provide any new products, while last year just before the II quarter, in March, was announced the iPad with a display Retina. On the other hand, a year ago in the line of Apple was not the tablet iPad mini.

According to IDC, in I quarter of 2013 the share of Apple in the tablet market fell to 39.6% from 58.1% in I quarter of 2012

recall that their first iPad, Apple introduced in January 2010 and started its sales in April of the same year. To date, the market was supplied over 140 million tablets iPad.

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