Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Android-plates will acquire the hard drive to 500 GB - BBC News

Now, most tablets are equipped with flash drives. Usually they do not exceed the capacity of 128 gigabytes. However, Seagate has developed a tiny hard drive for Android-based tablets, which will increase the memory up to 500 gigabytes, without compromising battery life or raising the price.

gadget called Seagate Ultramobile HDD. The device can be installed in the tablet with virtually any form factor. HDD size does not exceed five millimeters. In Seagate noted that their development practically does not reduce battery life of tablets and does not lead to a drop in performance. But the price compared with the same amount of flash memory is much smaller.

Also gadget promises to be reliable. It is enclosed in a steel case, and a special acceleration sensor will lock the hard drive in the event of a tablet that will protect it from mechanical damage. The company has not said when and at what price the device will be on sale.

Source: Engadget

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