Saturday, September 7, 2013

Smartphones instead of purses - BBC

Today PayPal payment system radically updated its apps for iOS devices and Android. With the updated interface and additional features, such as “Specials” and “Special”, the company hopes to attract users to the payment offline purchases, experts say. The updated free applications PayPal available in 125 countries around the world.

The world’s largest payment system PayPal has updated the design and functionality of mobile applications for iOS and Android. The new application is designed to help users make purchases procedure not only online but also in offline stores and restaurants. Now, users of the service in the United States and other countries of the world will be able to pay for purchases and restaurant bills directly from the application, the report said PayPal.

new application is divided into five sections – “Shopping» (Shop), «Purse» (Wallet), «Actions» (Activity), «Translation» (Transfer) and “Settings” ( Settings).

Section Shop users can pay for purchases in stores, pay the bill at the cafe, making reservations at a restaurant, and view the deals. You can also opt for one of the payment linked to the service of PayPal payment methods – for example, a debit or credit card. In addition, the application now has a Bill me Later, with the help of which you can defer payment.

Previously, the company has been testing the possibility of paying pre-order at fast food chains McDonald’s in France and the U.S. network of Jamba Juice.

Tab Wallet allows you to verify PayPal-account balance, as well as to store and manipulate data bound to it or bank card account. To add a new card can either enter the data manually, or it may be convenient to scan it with the camera smartphone. Activity section allows you to check recent transactions, and Section Transfer, you can send money to another user. In Settings, you can change the password, the system alerts or preferred methods of payment.

company decided not only to re-design applications, but also add new functions, as in the leadership of the company came to an important conclusion: their own “mobile wallets” are not always attractive or convenient for the users to pay by credit card because often much easier than a payment application. So the company decided to focus on additional features and bonuses offered by the mobile app PayPal, explained Chief Global Initiatives service Anuj Nayar in an interview with The New York Times.

«User draw is the extra things such as special offers and the ability to make a reservation in advance,” – said Nayar.

company changed the design of the application, to highlight the features that will be most interesting for the users: the ability to make money transfers to friends or to pay for purchases in certain stores,

he concluded.

PayPal wants to buyers at stores open applications on smartphones instead get purses, but the company understands that bank cards will not win until you offer customers something more – for example, promises discounts or free food, argues tehnoportala CNet columnist Donna there.

Newest really make the payment in the stores more smooth and simple, says TechCrunch columnist portal Lina Rao. “I would not be surprised if the new application – is preparing for the big breakthrough for the introduction of PayPal-payments in the offline retail” – suggests it.

payments through the app will be available in stores and restaurants in the U.S., UK, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Canada. World total 132 million registered accounts PayPal, but the service does not provide more detailed statistics about their users.

users from Russia updated applications are already available, but the service will support transactions in rubles only on September 17, therefore the functional section “Shopping” for Russian users is still limited.

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