Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nokia experimenting with Android on their smartphones -

About who wants to make the former Nokia engineers to work on the creation of smartphones running Google Android, we have already mentioned – is the head of a young Newkia, Nokia once led the division in the Asia-Pacific region.

Meanwhile, as the blog , even before the last deal with Microsoft, which puts an end to Nokia’s future status independent producer of smart phones, the company’s engineers managed to run Android on the product family Lumia. It was assumed that, if necessary, a Finnish company may establish their serial production. Reached in 2011 an agreement with Microsoft to use Windows Phone platform could stop its operation in 2014, and Nokia was a chance to join the ecosystem of Android. As you can see, this “Plan B” does not work, since the fate of Nokia to release mobile phones has been solved by 2014.

Tellingly, Microsoft executives knew about the experiments Nokia with Android, but this fact is not taken into account when negotiating the purchase of the business of the Finnish company, focused on the production of smartphones. Representatives of both companies to comment on this account abandoned.

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