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Apple executives about Android, Microsoft and innovations - 3DNews

eve of the release of smart phones iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S market Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook), a leading designer Jony Ive (Jony Ive) and head of software Federal Craig (Craig Federighi) spoke with Bloomberg Businessweek reporters to discuss the latest news about the company.

For example, some analysts were expecting a lower price for plastic iPhone 5C, but Tim Cook ruled out this possibility: «We never set ourselves the task to sell cheap phone. Our main goal was to sell other than smartphones, providing the perfect ambience, and we found a way to do it at a lower price ».

Apple CEO noted that a significant part of the market is always busy with all sorts of rubbish, and the company does not pursue this part of the business. «My sleep is not disturbed by the existence of this market because it’s just not for us», – he said. And with regard to the last jump of the course of Apple shares added: «I do not get too excited when the rate increases, and do not cut the veins when it falls – it does not impress me, because I often ride on the roller coaster.” Recall rollercoaster ride has led to the fact that Apple’s stock fell more than 30% over the bar above $ 700 a year earlier.

Leaving aside the new iPhone, it is clear that the growing partnership between the divisions Jonny Ive and Craig Feder is at the heart of the new platform iOS 7, which brought not only 200 new features, but also processed more flat and dynamic interface. Mr Ive said that he had never discussed with Craig Federal contribution to this or any other unit in the iOS 7 and said: «We talked about how to most effectively extend the cooperation that has always existed».

Tight running the unit and designers was extremely important during processing platform, moving then to the emergence of iOS 7. «If you believe that a successful partnership – is the rule and the importance of your point of view for the direction of development, it’s just not cooperation», – Mr Ive said.

Jonny Ive also noted that Apple does not seek extension of the list of features of their products. While Samsung and other manufacturers are promoting a variety of devices with different software bells and whistles, Apple, according to the designer, does not fit the various small technology only to expand the list of options. On the other hand, he noted that the implementation of one function of fingerprint identification solutions require a complex software and hardware problems.

interesting idea was expressed by the Federal Craig during the interview. According to him, it is difficult to create something new – it is difficult to do it well: «New? New to do simple. And that’s good – seriously ». But in the mobile sphere, there is not only a platform Android and iOS, although the others are far behind. Curious and comments on the recent Apple chief absorption Nokia by Microsoft. «All trying learn strategy Apple», – he said. Also, a little later, he added that Nokia was once the leader in the mobile phone sector, but it has ruined a lack of innovation. This example should remind everyone of the importance of innovation for survival in the market.

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