Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Intel's "pills": presented Bay Trail platform for tablets on Android and Windows - |'s not boring technique

The fact that Intel is working on a new platform for tablets, has been known since the summer. Now the Bay Trail officially announced for devices running Android (Z3600 Series) and Android and Windows at the same time (Z3700 Series), in a segment from 200 to 600 dollars (for our country, I think it will be a little different figures). Let me remind you that this quad-core processors with Intel HD Graphics graphics similar to that used in processors Ivy Bridge, made on 22nm process technology. Four cores Silvermont support instruction set x86-64. Under the cut is some more information about the Bay Trail.

Intel’s new platform will be used in tablets, notebooks and entry-level Chromebooks. Z3700 processors enable manufacturers to produce devices supporting both Windows and Android (and not using an emulator Android, as it is sold in tablet Samsung ATIV Q). For the whole family Z3000 officially supports displays with resolutions up to 2560×1600 pixels, interfaces, HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2, the ability to work with two displays and wireless sub-screen. Powered devices Bay Trail will be equipped with two cameras on 8 and 13 megapixels, optical image stabilization, video recording 1080p60. Promises up to eight hours of video playback (1080p, MP4, 30 Wh battery). New Nexus 7, by the way, is already showing exactly the same autonomy. To conserve resources, the battery management system developed tricky lighting, where in low light decreases the brightness of the display, but the colors are made in the brighter that the picture did not look too faded in the eyes of the user. Also in the Bay Trail awaits us support NFC eCommerce, Intel Identity Protection Technology for greater security when making payments with the device.

It looks

range Z3000 Series

Intel promises significant performance gains compared to the already available on the market solutions (sometimes, though not very fresh). They can be seen in the graphs below.

on a new platform Intel has high hopes. And the Bay Trail looks very interesting not only for the low-price segment, but for the average. The truth should not discount the fact that the bottom CPU manufacturers strongly draw in hard-working Chinese who repeatedly surprised by how the price and performance of its Android-devices. But the potential audience of budget tablets (and other equipment) is sensitive in time for the price, not the brand, security and reliability of the device.

wait for the tablet to the Bay Trail can begin as early as this season.

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