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The date output Android 4.4 KitKat - Chronicle of world events

The date output Android 4.4 KitKat For the entire community of supporters Android mobile platform was quite a surprise appearance on the horizon of a new version of the operating system of Google. The company announced in early September, the new system, announced her name, has created a nice promo page and an interesting video with the company Nestle, and which has the rights to the brand KitKat. Google was successful, in fact, to a remarkable campaign to attract people’s attention to a product which has not yet emerged. But when the new platform is Android 4.4 will be available for users?

And concern Nestle issued a release date for the new Android 4.4 KitKat in the social network Facebook, reports Android Community. According to Google’s plans to launch a new platform in October.

information about the timing of release platforms have been published in the German-language page of Facebook, which is dedicated to one of the products of Nestle, namely chocolate bar with the same name KitKat. Page is subject to employees of food companies.

September 17 on this page was taken image KitKat bars and smartphone Nexus. In comments to him one of the social network users asked when a new version of the OS. Administrator page told him that this will happen in October.

well known connection between Android and KitKat is due to the fact that Google has named a new version of the platform to honor bars. This choice of the company explained that the KitKat are favorite sweets developers Android.

KitKat name is used with the permission of Nestle – the trademark owner. It does not provide for cash payments to any one nor the other, the company said.

is expected that with the company will release Android 4.4 smartphone Nexus 5, which will run on this platform. Some rumors suggest that the devices will be powered by Snapdragon processor 800 and receive a 5-inch display.

is now also subject to several features of the upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat:

– Can be installed on older devices .
– Great opportunities for writing applications for devices with different resolutions.
– Updated Gallery (this part of the developers have not improved).
– Improvement in Miracast.
– New types of animation .
– new color scheme, which will replace the current blue.
– New design posts.

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probability of occurrence of such innovations is quite high, as some of them in the form of hints mentioned in the video KitKat. In place of the color scheme, in turn, hinted changes in the design of the design of branded applications Google.

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