Sunday, September 8, 2013

Friday column number 21. Apple iPad and tablets for Android - Mobile-review

Today’s column will be devoted to reflection on the iPad and its subjective compared with tablets on Android.



Just yesterday read a tweet the following statement: “Brought a universal rule: if you want to buy a tablet – take iPad. You do not want iPad? You do not want a tablet. “Although such a rule, there is definitely some truth, but it was not used universally. Having tested many tablets on Android, I have come to the conclusion that in some respects iPad is certainly better, but not all.


third display iPad at one time was the benchmark for all tablets. I still remember my surprise when I first looked at him. At the time, there were only Android tablet with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels or less, and this move by Apple certainly raised the producer for another couple of steps over them. And most importantly – the developers immediately started to optimize their applications for high resolution.


Another point – the aspect ratio. At the same diagonal, but the aspect ratio is 4:3, iPad wins on screen size of all plates with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a similar diagonal. In addition, thanks to its “squareness” iPad safe to use in both landscape and portrait orientation (which can not be said about the ten-inch tablet on Android, in an upright position to use them quite uncomfortable). Also, this ratio is easier to read and surf the web.

On the other hand, the ratio of 16:9 is ideal for watching videos. And Apple fans may be as much as necessary to say that “the black bars do not interfere” and “you can always prozummirovat video,” but the fact remains – Video Android is much more convenient, and aspect ratio, and connection in the USB drive, and the presence of powerful players like MX Player (yes, I know that for iOS have good video players), and support for external memory cards.



for Android smartphones number of applications is gradually approaching that of the iOS, in the case of the plates is not so rosy. Some applications do not, some are not optimized for high resolution, and some are simply stretched versions telephone. The beauty of the iPad is that developers need to optimize the application of a two-definition screen, in the case of a pile of Android-plates this will not work.

speed and stability

Speed-compete with the iPad can perhaps that line and several flagship Nexus tablet from big companies. But all state employees and retards, then turn over the tables of delays, then something else happens to them. In general, low-end segment of the stability of the question.


And last, the final touch – a lot of games for the iPad, and many of them are optimized for high resolution. Moreover, they are excellent in spite of the fact that not Apple “stuffed” their devices most powerful processors and memory tons.



Indeed, the aggregate characteristics and positive aspects iPad beats Android tablets. But if I do, let’s say, you just need to watch movies and read books on the subway, for these purposes is perfect and some Explay for 4000 rubles. And I will not care that he can slow down and work a maximum of two days, because the difference in price three times will be the determining factor. And the convenience of reading or watching video from it will be slightly worse than the same iPad.

iPad for those who are looking for the “best tablet”, but it is not optimal in terms of price / performance. If you do not want to buy the iPad, it does not mean that you do not need a tablet.

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