Thursday, September 12, 2013

Price iPhone 5C makes you want to go to the Android immediately - PC Week / RE

dreams on what Apple will be the first company in the world (and, importantly, a company from the IT world) is apparently not to be. For a one-year extension of the problems Apple, mostly related to concerns about the ability of analysts Californian giant “set off a wave” in the IT market, as well as to rebuff the competitors were added one more – release of the new iPhone 5C did not cause much enthusiasm among experts. The reason – the price. [QUOTE]

experts expected the iPhone 5C will cost about $ 400 without reference to the operator, but the price is equal to U.S. $ 549 for the base configuration. Unsubsidized iPhone 5C model with 32 GB of onboard memory will cost $ 649, which corresponds to the value of its flagship smartphone iPhone 5S.
But Apple has been (and still is) a safety margin to make a “budget” version of the iPhone at least approximate reality to budget: analysts IHS iSuppli previously estimated cost of components and assembly costs iPhone 5C – according to experts, it is 165 dollars compared to 199 dollars in the iPhone 5.

What prevented Apple cut the price of iPhone 5C? I do not greed it? Moreover, so-called budget version of its flagship iPhone in the base configuration looks at the cost of 733 (!) Dollars for China’s ridiculous – yes, the market is rapidly growing, but not to the same extent. Local social networks eventually overwhelmed the angry responses of perturbed consumers who did not like the pricing of Apple.

However, the stock exchange, knowing what might be behind the negative (further loss of market share) for the previously bathed in the applause Apple, responded to this about the decrease in quotations Apple – September 11 share price of U.S. corporations on the exchange trading fell by 5.44%. Total for the day after the announcement of the new iPhone Apple’s market capitalization has shrunk by 24 billion to 424.9 billion dollars For comparison, last year after the announcement of the iPhone 5 securities of the corporation, by contrast, rose to a historic high.

fairness, Apple has never positioned as a budget iPhone 5C, for the most part it is not embodied fantasy analysts. But still, when the presentation of new items to “tune” themselves for 300 dollars, but the reality of the corrective effusions you a tub of cold water, you feel some disappointment, false belief that if …. I remember I had it all even caused an irresistible desire to run on the internet shop, look at what’s new there came out on Android, and then my ayfonchik out of date and should be replaced. Something tells me that this change will not necessarily work on iOS …

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