Saturday, September 14, 2013

The former head of Android: I want to turn into a new Xiaomi Google and Apple - 3DNews

Hugo Barra (Hugo Barra) was one of the top leaders in the Android division of Google, but his transition to the Chinese Xiaomi, is engaged in the production of smartphones, left many with involuntary question: what does it mean for both companies? Of course, Google has a wide selection of good leaders for the post of vice-president, but Mr. Barr in an extensive interview with a resource AllThingsD explained how important it is for Xiaomi transition: «I’m doing a good job, and through few years the world will be talking about Xiaomi in the same spirit in which he talks about today Google and Apple ».

course, he will have a long way ahead. AllThingsD reports that Hugo Barra has just started to master the Chinese language, and when it starts to work in the company in October, its tasks will include assisting Xiaomi in the production of high quality at affordable price (skate company, through which she became known) .

But while Mr. Barr notes that the Chinese company has started well – in many ways it is this impressive start and caused them to move the head of Google. «What they did was really impressive», – he said in an interview. He also added that he Xiaomi given such an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. The company is young, and it will have a long way ahead – Mr. Barr Xiaomi is going to bring a whole new level of business.

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