Friday, September 20, 2013

The Russians found the biggest Android-botnet - Russian Newspaper

specialists of the Russian company “Doctor Web” reported the discovery of the world’s largest network consisting of more than 200,000 infected smartphones based on operating system Android.

sources of contamination, experts say, are owned by attackers or compromised their online resources through which to smartphones downloaded malware family Android.SmsSend. The largest number of infected devices owned by Russian users, in second place on this indicator is Ukraine, followed by Kazakhstan and Belarus, the report said, “Doctor Web”.

  • Expert Microsoft discovered a botnet of smartphones
  • Russian experts have discovered the biggest botnet year

Once on the smartphone, the malware sends malicious information about the infected device, including a unique identifier IMEI, information about balance, state code, phone number of the victim, the operator code, mobile phone model and OS version. The application then waits for the corresponding command from intruders by which it can send a message to a specific text in a specified number, perform SMS-newsletter contact list, open the specified address in the browser, or to demonstrate to the mobile device with a specific message header and text.

According to preliminary estimates the damage caused to users by hackers as a result of this incident can amount to many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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