Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fake "killer SMS for iPhone» stole the data users Android -

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owners of Android-devices able to download the app iMessage Chat, which provides access to the business of short messaging service Apple iMessage. Apple is not related to the development of applications: it was published in Google Play some Daniel Tsveygartom (Daniel Zweigart). The service itself is officially available for devices running operating systems other than iOS and Mac OS X

attractiveness service gives the ability to determine at the destination SMS owner iOS-device and automatically use the free channel iMessage instead of paid SMS.

According to the user, who managed to install the application, it really works, allowing you to exchange messages with the owners of the iPhone and iPad with the closed protocol Apple iMessage. For application servers, Apple iMessage Chat appeals on behalf of a non-existent computer Mac mini.

Security iMessage Chat, however, is questionable. Author unofficial repository software for iOS Cydia Jay Freeman (Jay Freeman) says that all the messages sent via iMessage Chat, get on a server in China, which apparently belongs to the creator of the program. The application is able to send to the Chinese server details Apple ID as a user, and perhaps its counterparties by correspondence, iMessage Chat. These Apple ID is required for the processing of the protocol iMessage Chat.

Another developer Steven Troughton-Smith (Steven Troughton-Smith) indicates that the application is endowed with the ability to background download and install mobile APK-files. This means that it can be downloaded from the Android-based smartphone or tablet malicious code without the knowledge of the owner.

At the time of publication of the application of this material has been removed from Google Play, according to 9to5 Mac, however, prior to the cancellation, the program set from 10 thousand to 50 thousand people. Application to run on all versions of Android, from 2.2

iMessage Chat

According to the Apple, iMessage should be available only to owners of iOS-devices and computers to Mac OS X. Service allows you to send instant messages, supports emoticons and sending images. Users can see the DSN and separately – on reading the messages with the time. Apple has plans to release apps for competing platforms, unlike the BlackBerry.

BlackBerry planned to provide users with Android and iOS able to download the app for instant messaging BlackBerry Messenger over the weekend, but the launch was postponed indefinitely.

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