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Tools month. Review of Android-application of September - BBC News

Vesti.Haytek continue to monitor the most interesting Android-apps that have appeared in Google Play or received a major update for the month. September memorable fun retrokvestom Simon The Sorcerer, an alternative e-mail client for Gmail and “Yandex” Evomail, “wiser” Antivirus AntiVirus Security, RRS-awaited book text from Digg and something else.


first mailer Evomail appeared on the i-devices, and has now come and Android-version. Use it very simply: delete, mark or label archiving messages is by using one of the finger, so that with the extensive flow of messages can be straightened in a few minutes.

In general, the Android-client were introduced all the same features that are at version for “iPhones”: push-notifications of new messages, folders, correspondence history and shake the gadget to cancel. In addition to Gmail, the program supports the system “Yandex”, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, and other IMAP-services.

Evomail is free. Need to install Android 4.0 or later.


Digg – simple and undemanding RSS-reader from the creators of the eponymous resource. Web version of a news aggregator we mentioned in the review of alternatives to Google Reader. Since the program started for i-gadgets, and on September 12 – and for Android.

Reader can be called a mixture of the most popular articles on the site Digg (there is always something to read) and a minimalist RSS-reading room with a pleasant interface. The application is much like Feedly: You can add new subscriptions, and organize them into folders spread the news on social networks, put off for later reading (there is integration with Instapaper, Pocket and by Digg).

Digg is a free download in Google Play.


Against Simplenote – probably the easiest in the world “zametochnogo” service – even Google Keep it may seem confusing program. Compulsory registration would be required. But it is better to have a Simplenote account, if you want to synchronize between different devices – a browser on a PC, smart phones and Apple e-book reader Kindle.

To create a new note, you have to press the button with the plus. The first line acts as a header and written in large letters, and all the following, the main text – small. To quickly find entries on the overall theme, you can add tags. Search by content is instantaneous; also have the ability to attach special importance to note the top of the list.

Simplenote, which last year bought Automattic, the developer platform WordPress, and will soon release a client for the Mac. Is also preparing a new version of the iPhone-app, which will be maintained in the style of iOS 7.

Simplenote is available for free in the store Google.

Simon The Sorcerer

Adventure Quest about a young wizard Simon – ordinary teenager who accidentally fell into the fantasy world and wants to go home. The first part of the series (for DOS and Amiga) came out in 1993, the last – in 2009. Simon The Sorcerer – not an ordinary “port” on the operating system Android. The developers have optimized all the graphics for HD-displays, adapted for touch control game and spent the remastered music.

However, fans of nostalgia can bring back all the old settings and even with the mouse. Knowing a foreign language is necessary: ??the characters “speak” in English or German with subtitles in Spanish, French, Italian or Hebrew. The audience like the game: from 225 to 199 Google Play set her “top five”.

about the adventures of Simon’s Quest is 138 rubles. If the amount of your internal memory is very limited, keep in mind that the distribution of the game “weighs” 363 MB.

AVG AntiVirus Security

In September of AVG AntiVirus from AVG Mobile received a major update. Errors have been corrected, you can automatically activate the economy, if the battery has started to wane. Also improved service “antitheft” (Anti-Theft). First, if someone makes 3 wrong attempts, picking PIN-code, the smartphone will start to shoot an intruder and secretly send his photos to you by email. Second, if someone replaces SIM-card, the device is automatically locked.

AVG not only protects against viruses in your browser, third-party applications, and SMS. He still knows how to “kill” stale tasks, to monitor the flow of traffic, and battery. However, these features are available only in the Pro-version. Rating program is quite high: 4.6 of 5 points (473 thousand people gave him five “stars”).

basic version of AVG is free and “premium” – for 160 rubles. C other antivirus for Android, as well as safety tips, you can find in our review.


Since September 19 office suite Quickoffice is free as Android, and on iOS. Previously, he was worth $ 15-20. The package includes three editors – text, spreadsheets and presentations. Documents are automatically saved and synchronized with the “Turn.” By the way, if you read our review and had to go to the program under a Google account before September 26, you will be granted free 10 gigabytes in the “cloud” storage.

Quickoffice is completely free.


C Quip we met in the review of the best text editors for the tablet iPad. Android on its capabilities are the same: the program allows you not only to discuss, but also co-edited writing. So when chatting (left screenshot), over one and the same document (right), several people can work in real time. The changes made by the authors, are immediately displayed on the screen.

Download Quip is available for free at Google Play.


Hotspotio can talk about their “hot spot” Wi-Fi and in return get a thank you on Facebook or Twitter. Running the application, you can view a list of available networks, or include “distribution” Wireless Internet from a smartphone.

creators Hotspotio for your creation do not take money. You can download it in Google Play.

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