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Вести.net: smart watch Android get new features – Вести.Ru

for the First time in three years the Android Wear operating system for smart watches has received a major upgrade. What wearable electronics is now able to whom it applies and how the market has changed over these three years? All this in the program Вести.net.

Google released the long-awaited update of the operating system for wearable electronics — Android Wear 2.0. This is the biggest update the platform for all time of its existence. One of the main innovations was the access to Google Play, passing the phone to install apps directly on the watch. This will expand the range of tasks. For example, the dials can be customized to add information from different software. It may be different calendars, apps for tracking exchange rates, fitness apps, call Uber, quick access to favorite contacts and others. Switching between screens is performed with a swipe.

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Smart watch on Android Wear 2.0, equipped with a cellular module can operate completely autonomously without a smartphone allowing you to surf the Internet, answer calls and messages, view email and more. By the way, to reply to messages using the new input methods. Added support for virtual keyboard and manual input, allowing you to draw and send different emoticons on the screen hours. Write a text message on the clock is also carried out with the help of Google Assistant is its predictive power. Interestingly, the assistant in this case operates directly on the clock, so a password or something else important didn’t fly to the cloud. The Corporation also promises increased speed of speech recognition, the ability to make purchases using the payment Android Pay system and monitoring the physical condition of the user with the Google Fit application. All of these new opportunities, and the availability of the cell module make you wonder — even day smart watches will stretch on a single battery charge or not?

Google is positioning Android Wear 2.0 as a major update of the platform since its launch in 2014. The update will be available not to all but only 19 models of smart watches. The rest probably just don’t pull from the performance point of view. The first, who had the honor to come preinstalled with Android Wear 2.0, steel smart watch from LG. The release States that both presented models Watch, Watch Sport and Style was developed in cooperation with Google, which translated into human language this means that the development and promotion Corporation was engaged to Brin and page. Korean LG has taken the role of manufacturer. And judging by the description, the presented model supports all the key features of Android Wear 2.0: more informative dial, new ways of using applications, and provide more opportunities to stay connected. What they really are, and won from them, that Google for example has created a reference, the ideal smart watch, we can tell after a tho rough test of the device.

the Main issue now is not late, does Google update the Android platform Wear, which manufacturers of wearable electronics, and users have been waiting for almost three years. And if the first half of the year everything seemed to be good: the largest partners of Android Wear, began Chinese and Korean companies. Smart watch Huawei Watch has won the user with its attractive design, the range of the Moto 360 has long been considered one of the most graceful and long-awaited on the market, the smart watch LG watch Urbane 2nd Edition were the first to support cellular network. However, in September 2016 at IFA, none of these companies showed neither new models, nor even any intention to continue to do smart watches on the Google release OSes. In Berlin a new watch with Android Wear introduced just ASUS. The Korean Corporation Samsung’s Berlin presentation, arranged with great pomp, showed under its own watch OS Theisen.

moreover, last year, research company IDC reported that global smartwatch market fell in the third quarter of 2016 to 50%. It’s hard to say whether this is due to the fact that manufacturers do not give users a decent time and most importantly the available models, or just of interest to the smart watch has weakened. But, it seems that all major manufacturers have suspended activity on this field. The more that the market, in fact, left his if not the founder, the inspirer Pebble. It bought a manufacturer of fitness trackers Fitbit and has already made it clear to journalists that will continue the release of the Pebble watch.

as a result, the market of wearable electronics without much fight was won by Apple. According to the research firm, Canalys, Apple in the last quarter of 2016 sold 6 million wearable devices, “zastaviv” for about 80% of the smartwatch market. The Apple Watch sales in comparison to last year increased by 12%. If you look figures study of the market of wearable electronics in General for the year 2016, the rating looks so: in the first place — Apple c 49% on the second and third Fitbit and Samsung with 17 and 15 percent, respectively. And the remaining 19% of the market is divided between all the other manufacturers.


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