Thursday, February 9, 2017

Android gadgets attacked new dangerous virus – the Russian Newspaper

Experts of company Symantec has warned users about a new threat – modification common virus Android.Lockdroid.E.

the Malware infiltrates a device and checks it for root access. If that is not, the gadget is locked, its screen displays a QR code, scanning which you need to transfer money to cyber criminals for unlocking. It will have to use another mobile device.

If the ransom is not paid, the device deletes all data. In addition, the fraudsters can send out confidential information to your contacts list.

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if root access is available, the Trojan asks for permissions that provide additional benefits in managing the gadget. After that it copies the installation APK file in system folder, restart the device and becomes a system app. Further, the scheme of the friend – lock screen and buttons and a ransom note.

Android.Lockdroid.E spreads via third-party app stores (including programs for adults), and text message on the forums.

How to protect yourself from the virus? Experts advise to constantly update software on the gadget, to install applications only from trusted sources, to pay special attention to requests that come from applications if they are not associated with the program, this should raise suspicion.

in addition, it is recommended to configure frequent automatic backups of important data and install a good antivirus.

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