Thursday, February 9, 2017

Google has released Android Wear 2.0 and introduced a new “smart” watches from LG

Google announced the release of the second version of its operating system for smart watch — Android Wear 2.0. Simultaneously, the company introduced two models of the devices from LG that will come with the new system.

Android Wear 2.0 introduced the ability to customize the dials, displaying on the main screen of the desired function. Also the system has an ability to quickly change the dials and, consequently, their function.

the Fit App got the ability to track pace, distance, calories burned and, if available on the watch, heart rate monitor, monitor heart rate during walking, running or Cycling. In addition, the opportunity to monitor the amount of push-UPS, sit-UPS and squats, repetitions lifting a barbell or dumbbell.

Android Wear 2.0, you can download apps directly on the watch, so they can operate without being connected to the phone. Thus, in the presence of the cell module in hours, the user will be able to call directly from your watch.

in Addition, users now have the ability to reply to messages using the keypad on the watch’s screen previously, you had to either dictate text or send emojis. Google has also added the voice assistant Google Assistant, which is used in home Google Home.

Together with the system Google has introduced a watch LG watch LG Watch Style and Sport. The “sport” model differs from “stylish” by the presence of the NFC chip for payments, a GPS system for navigation and heart rate monitor and mobile communication module.

Google promises to send system Android Wear 2.0 users of most models of smart hours on Android in the coming weeks. Watch from LG will also be on sale in Russia, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan and the UAE “in the coming weeks.”

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