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Will Android Auto affect the market automotive industry –

 Android Auto

Already a long time ago in the cars have the ability to connect an external music gadget, be it a smartphone or MP3-player. Devices are able to connect by Bluetooth, USB or even through an external audio AUX. Such opportunities automotive acoustics has been around for many years, but now the arena go modern technology in the form of Android Auto.

Google has revealed a totally new approach to the interaction of the vehicle and your smartphone. Despite the fact that the gadget as before connected by USB-cable, Android Auto gives you much more control with the car smartphone screen. As a result, we get that entertainment software for vehicles automakers are now developing not, as a company specializing in this. Thus, Android Auto can radically change our interaction with the entertainment part of the car.

intuitive music

during the absence of smartphones and tablets every automaker has developed for its management system auto music. Sometimes radio interface could vary even in the same machine, released in different years. Often, the buyer had long to understand all the functions laid down in the speaker of each car.

Android Auto

However, in the era of touch devices we have become accustomed to many standard gestures that we use every day. The introduction of our familiar ways of interacting with electronics car can greatly simplify the process of learning to control multimedia machine capabilities.


When creating Android Auto, Google did not invent something completely new. As in the case of Google Glass or Android Wear, the search giant has used an updated tiled interface and interaction with the already proven numerous programs Google.

Android Auto

Thus, in your car, we get accustomed us maps Google, intuitive control Play Music, the opportunity to make calls and the preparation of various notifications. In addition, thanks to an open platform, Android Auto in the future will be able to interact with applications from third party developers.

Software Update

Most motorists know that the entertainment system in their car, likely never be updated. All errors, omissions and software interface is unchanged from the date of purchase of the vehicle. Only some automakers may occasionally release an update for the car entertainment system, but it can occur rarely.

With Android Auto things another way. The software of your car will receive regular updates. Thus multimedia capabilities will constantly improve and expand by adding new features.

Not so smooth …

However, writes resource androidauthority, to use Android Auto has its unpleasant features. For example, the automotive system from Google can only work with smartphones Android L, which initially will be a bit even after the official release of the operating system. Furthermore, it should allow for greater fragmentation of devices on the operating system Android.

 Android L

Another possible drawback is that Google will be responsible only for the software portion of the media in the car. A hardware component that is not regulated, will still make the automaker. Thus we can get instead of the usual we have IPS screens with Full-HD resolution substandard resistive displays that manufacturers will build cars.

little about the future

Ideally for us the future, each car must easily adjust to any smartphone, lying in your pocket. However, the development of such technologies need time.

Самоуправляемый car Google

Perhaps the time of widespread Android Auto company Google has release its self-guided vehicle.

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