Saturday, July 12, 2014

Android-smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be able to recognize the owner of the iris –

Rumors about the intentions

Samsung implement another technology of biometric identification have been around for a long time: the recognition of the owner of the drawing iris attributed smartphone Galaxy S5, but the harsh reality is only limited its fingerprint sensor. Now that the entire progressive world Android-waited debut September overgrown smartphone Galaxy Note 4, the company Samsung via Twitter once again intrigued audience, showing a schematic representation of a smartphone, which can be seen on display in the human eye” crosshairs “.


Samsung promises that security can be improved by some unique opportunities for the company’s products. Flirting with the audience, the producer asks the question, “What would you use?” Incidentally, among the proposals mentioned response and the ability to recognize the voice. It is possible that with the proliferation of handheld devices running Android Wear is the voice will be one of the labels that allow access to “sensitive” information user. It is certainly possible to simulate or lose, but he is afraid of injury to a lesser extent than the iris or fingertip.

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