Thursday, July 24, 2014

Skype 5.0 for Android integrates with the phone book – Ferra


service Skype announced a new version of the client operating system Android. Since version Skype 5.0 for Android, users will be able to link with Skype address book your smartphone. And it means that people find in Skype, which you already know will not be difficult – you can just write them, call them or share files.

Within a few weeks after last download Android updates the user will be able to confirm the number. After verification of the application starts automatically search for matches between Skype and address book. When finding new contacts matches displayed in the list of contacts in Skype. They will continue to appear as contacts in the address book will join Skype.

For those who uses Skype login account Microsoft, the new feature also automatically connect to the address book services such Microsoft, as or Windows 8.1. Allowing users to choose whether the contacts from the address book is automatically added to Skype or not. In addition, the number associated with an account, you can change or delete if the user does not want it to show up in the search.

Download Skype 5.0 for Android can be in Google Play. In the coming months, the developers plan to make a new feature available on other platforms.

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