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Android L: first impressions – 3DNews

first thing you need to know about simple user Android L, – that the immediate interest this version of the operating system for it until it is. This early preview, which should show developers profound changes upcoming operating system and allow them to get used to, and also demonstrate the trend of thought in the development of Google interface.

system still works is not completely stable – in some applications may be wrong. Another important point here and now runs Android L worse , than previous versions of Android. Say, at the presentation of Google promised significant performance improvements – while about it and not talking, all benchmarks running under Android L, show significantly lower results than under Android 4.4 KitKat.

All changes in the interface, which shows Android L, by and large purely cosmetic. No significant effect on habitual ways of interacting with a smartphone they do not have. For example, the line in the “vykidushke” the notification bar is now very similar to the “card» Google Now. This similarity suggests that the notification panel and screen Google Now will now be somehow connected. But this is a false impression of the system is still completely separate, not interacting with each other.

stylistically Clean interface, perhaps a little prettier – it looks more neat and modern. True, there has yet to be a fair amount of work on unification. If we even own most of these icons Google applications are still heavily knocked out of the “flat” style of the operating system, what can we say about the icons of third-party applications.

There are a few minor functional improvements shell. For example, it is possible a more comfortable and rich mode setting “Do not disturb”. Added a power-saving mode in the settings of the battery. On the chart now displays energy forecast future behavior of the battery – a rough estimate of time to fully charge or discharge the battery.

Yet in regard to convenience, Android L is clearly far from the state “ahead the entire planet. ” The interface roughness and there are a lot of controversial issues. For example, the lack of a button “Delete All” in the notification bar: looks like the design of it simply forgotten – so keen were beautiful new “card” notifications. To access the Quick Settings panel needed a second touch – at first touch shows only those “cards».

no good and that the user is not given the opportunity to select those settings, who live in “vykidushke” – a set of hard-coded by the manufacturer. And so bulky and inconvenient icon Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and there is no excuse at all. They are “double-decker”: the upper part is purely to enable / disable the wireless interface, and bottom – only to go to the advanced settings. Unobvious interface.

New style view the application – it is generally some flashback during development Windows Vista. Animated flipping tabs only looks beautiful presentations. In practice, if a lot of applications open, to search for the program will have to do a lot of finger movements instead of one or two, as it was in previous versions of Windows Task Manager.

Excessive “flattening” of the interface – or rather such aspect of it as a rejection of the separators in many places, including buttons on the virtual keyboard – still looks very strange. Perhaps this will not be so difficult to get used to, but at first no outlines the objects confusing. This applies in particular to the input fields – often impossible to figure out where exactly to point a finger to enter, for example, the network password Wi-Fi.

Some of these controversial issues will certainly be corrected in the final version of the operating system. But something may remain in the form in which it is now. In general, the convenience and functionality of a proprietary shell Google in its original form is still lagging behind the “Task” of the largest manufacturers – Samsung, Sony, HTC, and now LG.

Announced on Google I / O data separation into normal and secure – that is, the integration of the functions of Samsung KNOX – in Android L absent. Obviously, exploring this pretty important innovation upcoming version of Android will have to wait until the final release. Another important supplement – data processing center received from various fitness trackers platform Google Fit – in Android L also decided not to show.

Version Android L 64 bit also is not yet available download, it is available only in the form of an emulator. This, however, is clear: the existing Nexus devices with 32-bit processors, so that 64-bit OSes mere mortals just yet nowhere to install.

In addition, the new version of the operating system to change logo Android

? # Conclusion

In general, after this quick detour that can be seen on the surface Android L, we have to go back to where we started this stuff. Ordinary users, this version of the operating system should not be fun, it is not for them. Those major changes that will impact on the ecosystem of Android, in this preview available. The only thing that can be seen with the naked eye – is a new style interface, Material Design.

Even if you do not pay attention to all the shortcomings of the shell, it must be remembered that to deal with it will be only two categories of people. The first group – the owners of devices range Nexus, big fans of the “naked” Android. ” They tend to have a penchant for modifying the interface, so that in their case the original shell is not so important. Another category – buyers cheap smartphones from the few manufacturers that do not impede the development of their own shells themselves or using public alternatives. These people by and large do not care all these subtleties, and the next version of Android will be relevant to them not so soon. All other Material Design, in fact, should not be entertaining – branded shell major manufacturers of smartphones developed independently of Google.

general, even with the release of an early evaluation version of the new OSes Google, probably should would have to wait a bit – to more fully its readiness. But prevents a number of aspects. On the one hand, a lot of pressure on the company competitors. Apple and Microsoft are still staying in the role of catch-up, but they are catching up pretty quickly, and this has been very aggressively: almost do not hesitate to abandon past wrong decisions and without any replicate successful experiences chips Android, but also come up with their own interesting options. Need to somehow defend – and do it quickly. And in the case of Google «shoot” falls not only on the “enemies”, but also from “friends” – the major manufacturers of smartphones on Android come out with their own initiatives, which the software giant has to give an answer.

On the other hand, the company itself has driven itself into the Procrustean bed of annual” major “events where all the advertised fresh. For it was important to show Android L is for Google I / O, which is traditionally held in May, the most extreme – in June. Despite the fact that at the moment, obviously, not everyone is ready, we had to roll out anything, so developers, fans and journalists have to play with than in anticipation of this release.

should not be taken all that is written above as “the next Android is bad, Google is not a cake.” Google still on horseback, although the company and have to be sprayed heavily on the weight of the new initiatives of different nature. And the next Android will probably be good. Actually, we just have not shown it yet.

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