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Choose shell for android-smartphone: first bidder – Go launcher EX –



What we see on the device after its release? Desk. A place where users will “pass” a hundred times a day. So everything should leafing through smoothly, look good and be functional. At the same desktop – it is also a reflection of the personality of the user. But not all companies that make (and subsequently adjusted) own shell, such thoughts. They are important – to release their own, but there really used to it. But due to the fact that Android is an open system, the user is granted a vast choice. You can change and “launcher”, but for what? Perhaps the answer to this question is contained in this article.

There are many shells, both famous and not. Especially for the cycle were picked up nine original “launcher”, which are the best and each of which is necessary to try. Of all the varieties merit only the most-such as GO launcher EX, with it, we just started.

Go launcher EX

small remark – currently in the Google Play recorded more than 300 million units this application that allows him to not only occupy the first place in the category “Personalization”, but to be among the leaders in the shop of digital goods.

This “launcher” is easy to use and is designed for beginners or those who are not particularly willing to bother with the settings of the device, but want to maintain it according to the fashion and the stage of technical progress.

 263x450 79 KB. Big one: 600x1024 202 KB
 263x450 101 KB. Big one: 600x1024 422 KB  263x450 114 KB. Big one: 600x1024 245 KB

Underlying GO launcher EX is the standard scheme with desktops, and while the menu of applications are not forgotten. The first can be from one to infinity, as long as the gadget can “render” them. On the desktop, you can place shortcuts and widgets have lower “docking center”, he also turned over, just like desktops. By the way, especially for this app GO company has developed almost two dozen widgets, they are informative and interesting, that should be noted. And load them go theme, but more on that later.

Grid organize your desktop shortcuts can be changed, allowing you to receive more or fewer tags on the same desktop. When you press the function key, we displayed a small control panel. It can provide fast access to the most needed: wallpaper, themes, news, current applications, settings, and other necessary functions. Their icons are very similar to those in the OC Tizen and the new smartphones by Samsung.

Changed tab and “Widgets”. If the versions of Android 4.0-4.3 it was on the main menu, there is, as in Android 4.4, it simply removed. So much so that many newcomers could not even add widgets. So, to add it to the desktop, press and hold on any blank area of ??the desktop, and from the menu select the tab you want. Thus, we will open a special menu for adding graphical modules, where a smaller scale will show the desktop and widgets.

This concept has been implemented by Google in Android 3.0. Although she was designed for tablets, but the function was very, very comfortable in terms of ergonomics.

 263x450 77 KB. Big one: 600x1024 58 KB

Labels standard applications (or rather – icons) look neat and the same way. Third-party application icons framed in a square with rounded edges, which leads to the same type of mind. If all the icons were previously free-form, now is not the kind of chaos. All this is somewhat reminiscent of iOS 7. And still image application icon can be replaced by another. For this you need to download it yet, and they are distributed along with the topics. And any application you can put any icon, a very interesting opportunity.

If necessary or for the wow effect, you can change the classic animation turning desktops. For the replacement of the standard visualization effect we offer five types of turning. All are good, but the taste and color … In general, the effects of beautiful and high quality, but they are nowhere near the level of animation in Annex Buzz Launcher. But it is possible to expand the number of those most animations, in contrast to the same Buzz, and a very simple way, but you will learn the secret at the end.

200x342 46 KB. Big one: 600x1024 226 KB  200x342 73 KB. Big one: 600x1024 351 KB 200x342 12 KB. Big one: 600x1024 34 KB

Application menu is standard, but may as leafing through to the right, and down. This allows you to choose a user name, and not a software developer, the most convenient way to navigate through the menus. In the first versions of the Android system is the same screen flipping vertically and is then transferred to a horizontal orientation. Few “launchers” offer a similar choice, so it is also a distinctive feature of the application.

menu itself has a very nice and clear view. The first thing you pay attention to the fact that as a background menu appears colorful picture, which is installed on our desktop background instead of a black background by default in Android. And for our comfort in the setting of a feature called “Smooth background image.” Actually, the title of the item disclosed its meaning. Razmylivaetsya background image and the image becomes softer, making emphasis on icons instead of the background image. At the moment it is a very interesting feature, because even entire applications out blur background, for example, Blurone. A nice bonus!

Next we will go. They can be said to conventional, but vary depending on the subject. They can be sorted using an exclusive c chips called “Avtopapka”. For example, if you have installed multiple browsers, email clients and applications, somehow connected to the Internet, they all fit into a folder named “Internet”. Likewise, if you and sorting games, and other applications, only the name there is already another.

 263x450 34 KB. Big one: 600x1024 50 KB
 263x450 71 KB. Big one: 600x1024 227 KB  263x450 97 KB. Big one: 600x1024 291 KB

More in this program is integrated task-killer. This function allows you to unload unused applications from memory, increasing the speed of the mobile gadget. It works and is able to increase gaming performance.

Implemented in GO launcher EX and gesture support. However, it is elementary and only one action – hide the status bar. Swipe your finger up, and the status bar of our device is hidden (by repeating steps disclosed). This function works only for smartphones, tablets because the notification bar shows a slightly different way.

Well, since I started talking about the functions and chips, it is worth mentioning another – “Filter wallpaper.” This is some sort of (if not a parody) filters, add a photo on Instagram. Looks nice, though in many respects depends on what effect the use and which picture.

200x342 45 KB. Big one: 600x1024 266 KB  200x342 40 KB. Big one: 263x450 64 KB 200x342 50 KB. Big one: 600x1024 219 KB

If the application menu to make a “swipe” from the left edge to the right, “leaves” very interesting socket. From it, you can quickly get to widgets and load up but it does not interest us. More intriguing are two other points: “Application Manager” and “Hide application”. Application Manager – it’s pretty simple application, an analog controller applications Windows OS. With it you can quickly and easily remove the software, games and other software. Note the application and click on the icon with a broom, and then removed unnecessary software. The presence of such “mini-programs” very happy, because beginners, which will use the “launcher”, it is really useful.

Next we go select “Hide application” and this feature certainly does not hurt anyone. You can use it to hide any installed game and it is enough to simply move it to this section. It is hidden from view, and it is in some measure of protection, but for reliability and can be password to install this item. Only here to activate a password entry must be owner of a paid version of the application (GO Launcher Prime).

But back to check out the panel. There is also a previously running applications are displayed, it turns some history visits.

 450x263 112 KB. Big one: 1024x600 433 KB

Average program works, and in portrait orientation. “Doc Bar” moved to the right side, and the labels are slightly smaller, and the fonts are superimposed on the icons. But it depends on the resolution and diagonal screen devices, and edited a very simple way – a decrease in the desktop grid.

In general, the application is running Go Launcher EX is very good and smoothly. Not even on the most productive gadget explicit lags and slowdown was observed. Micro podlagivaniya and twitching met, but that in the Android system can not escape.

Go Launcher EX also supports devices with processors and Arm v6 version of Android OS 1.6. And with good technical support all problems with the program can be solved without any problems.

application is under active development, despite the fact that the company is developing GO and another shell – Next Launcher 3D Shell. Go Launcher EX gets almost weekly updates, and recently just flew like that.

 263x450 167 KB. Big one: 600x1024 465 KB

But the point still applications and special topics that have repeatedly mentioned. Here the concept of “theme” means something similar to what occurred in the old push-button phones of Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia. Simply put, a simple change of basic patterns of wallpaper and screen. We go to a special shop in select desired, install, and “voila!” One click and we get a fresh system!

At first glance, everything is simple and good, but if there is a trick here? Indeed, without it, nothing happened. But first things first. Two stores, and they are installed with the application itself. The first is called GO Store is a poor excuse and Google Play (formerly Android Market, you can see the guys from the company GO even rename your shop too lazy), but also contains a theme for our “launcher”, as well as wallpaper. And the second – GO Market, shop exclusively with themes for your application. But what kind of topics are you?

They are designed not only to developers of applications, but also by third parties. Textures created icons, wallpapers and edits various small things, such as color fill boundaries. Themselves so much, there are both free and paid, as interesting, and not very much.

comment they will not be, so I suggest you look at the examples by screenshots of the same desktop using different themes. And the choice of what is beautiful and what is not – for you.

 263x450 123 KB. Big one: 600x1024 468 KB
263x450 155 KB  263x450 141 KB. Big one: 600x1024 387 KB

In Ultimately, GO launcher EX – a real hit among the “launcher.” The application is very simple, beautiful and everything else is free. Using it only get pleasure benefit customize virtually nothing. Installed the program and are using. Is not that what you want and what you expect from a mobile application? And besides, it is also one of the very first membranes submitted for Android OS.

Especially for GO launcher EX (some applications work with other shells) have been developed and other applications that accompany its functionality. For example, Go Locker – lock screen, GO Weather EX – service for weather forecasts, GO Lock Screen – virtual lock button gadget, GO Notifier – notification on icons, GO Battery Saver – Battery saving device. All this builds a separate ecosystem and GO launcher EX makes one of the best.

 263x450 150 KB. Big one: 600x1024 521 KB


Not without its drawbacks. All the matter is that many settings. Different “small things” can not be adjusted. For example, background packs or darken the edges of the screen can not be changed. This is nit-picking, right? With this bet is still possible, but that’s advertising! It often occurs as the special widget that occupies a place on the main screen, and pop-up notifications that are not very pleasant. But all this can be solved by buying the paid version of the software – GO Launcher Prime.

And here is the promised bonus. After buying the paid version of the application, we not only get rid of the ads, but also get access to the “hidden folder”, and additional topics, the ones turning animation and other decorations. Is it worth this shell cash investments – up to you, but you can try Prime version of the program in the trial version, and then and decide. Minimal access to all topics worth $ 19.99 plus the cost of Prime version. Here are now pricing in the company’s development of GO.

250x250 51 KB. Big one: 300x300 69 KB
Download GO launcher EX
Download GO Launcher Prime
??????? GO Launcher Prime (Trial)

This concludes our first publication on the choice of skins for gadgets. Please leave comments. Maybe we missed something or did not, and your feedback will help improve further materials.

Dennis Miller

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