Monday, July 7, 2014

8 beta iOS vs Android L – visual comparison (screenshots) – World Apple in one site

first acquaintance with the new version of the mobile operating system from Google demonstrates how developers have moved since the release of KitKat. But whether Android L equal to confront the main competitor on the market, iOS 8? After all, even though we are talking about different platforms, the ultimate goal is the same – to get a vocation as much as possible of the user audience.

 iOS 8 vs Android L about the difference in the functional relationship between the two operating systems can be judged only after the official release, more precisely, after the appearance of the first hundred or new applications. Google has traditionally pays much attention to reduce the load on the system and optimize the basic algorithms. In Apple this year a little bit away from the policy of closed environments and implemented support for third-party keyboards, widgets for Notification Center, etc. Both companies presented a considerable list of new options – what has confused when comparing to do anything and everything.

Alas, like workers in Cupertino and Mountain View was not hurt ordinary buyer smartphone does not read the contents of the list of third specifications, and looking directly at the screen. Liked what they saw – you can record another point in its favor, but no, no, do not buy and persuade almost useless. Accordingly, it makes sense to compare the visual appearance of two new windows OS on the subject of in which one is more likely to captivate representative or the representative of the target audience with the first maximum of the second sight.

selection of screenshots iOS beta 8 and Android L on, the left pictures brainchild Apple, and the right picture system similar services from Google. Design what OS you fell like more? Please write in the comments below.

 iOS 8 lockscreen Android L

Lock screen

 iOS home screen 8 Android L

Home screen

 Calculators 8 ios vs android l


Calendar 8 ios vs android l


Dialer 8 ios vs android l

« Dialer »

Keyboard 8 ios vs android l


 8 notifications ios vs android l


 multitasking bar 8 ios vs android l

Panel multitasking

8 notifications ios vs android l

Notification Center

Paragraph 8 control ios vs android l

Quick Setup main switch system

 The settings in 8 ios vs android l


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