Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Android Tuner – How to set up your phone for yourself – Ferra

  • Developer : 3c
  • Price : Besplatno/299 99 rubles
  • Tested on : LG G2 16 Gb
  • Google Play : view

Children versatility – it’s not good or bad! Like any other thing, for example, salt, versatility can be both useful and harmful. On the one hand, and the development of good work in each direction helps to maintain the balance of power, but there is still a class of “all know, but do not know how,” when knowledge in each area are minimal. My point is that the programs on your smartphone from the class “and the reaper, and the singer and piano igrets” often look and act like Frankenstein in their worst years. And the differences in the majority of programs are barely noticeable. But fear not, our today’s hero is not concerned. It is balanced, serious and ready to compete for titles with the incomprehensibility SieFM (which Siemens File Manager, and not listen to the radio program). Android Tuner, gentlemen!

 No musical instruments hero article does not apply. Tuner is meant as a tool to configure, and quite a point, if I may say so. Thus the quality he should approach the ROM Toolbox, but at first glance it is clear who’s who. The fact that Android Tuner has a completely nondescript appearance – all the columns are decorated with functions in the form of monolithic gray rectangles.

Near ROM Toolbox, which, if I remember otshibaet even themes are available, this approach to design causes mild surprise. Fortunately, this review explicit cons ends and we move on to the functional filling application. And here there is nothing to fear Toolbox.

Central screen to scroll down the program is the most important and the first time. Welcome speech from above gives all the necessary information and are located below the first reason to smile. Not leaving, so to speak, from the ticket office, you can customize widgets, notifications, UI, as well as some tweaks.

On the left side are 7 managers for all occasions – for applications for the device , applications, battery, network, CPU and overall system. Further to the left is, as for me, the most important part of the Android Tuner, namely optimization unit with a bunch of tools. About a dozen points allow accelerate your smartphone, increase recharge rate, and generally clean up the garbage output speed from the “why so slow” on the level of “overcome the speed of light.” And can not bring – right on top warn that some features may not work or may not work.

right is not less than two of interest – tools for working with scripts of all kinds and colors, as well as analysis and fine-tuning of the battery. The first item for obvious reasons only useful system business guru who can appreciate the build.prop and further ahead, but the battery analyzers are available to any mortal. However, they may understand only the most gurus, which above. Or, if you have the Pro version, deciphering the plot is a separate item. Oh yeah, most of the features of this application require superuser privileges.

summarize say that ROM Toolbox and Android Tuner – not something that can not compete, but for me personally, the first looks like a cine hacker spectacular hacking any computer, insert the USB flash drive into any hole and throw off the data in seconds. At this time, Android Tuner – a similar tool, but is the reality of Hollywood, with a minimum level of glamor and hundreds of opportunities for intermediate users experience, wanting to breathe new life into your favorite unit. To use Android Tuner requires a certain amount of knowledge, but for those who have those, ROM Toolbox seem child’s play, which ended up being close to boxing version of 3DMax.

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