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Every week (on Tuesdays), we talk about the most important, interesting and significant events that occurred with Android and Android-applications in the last seven days.
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Clarisketch (free) – a magical app that does not just help you in many situations. Which? Ever tried to explain something over the phone, but could not – one vote was not enough? It is here that will help Clarisketch. It allows you to quickly and easily create small animated and voiced explanation. You just need to take a picture or photo and draw on it, accompanying the process in your own words. The best part of all this? The person for whom it is intended explanation, no need to install the program (using HTML5)! How does Clarisketch, you can look at the application site (www.clarisketch.com/ # useCases).



Jink (free) – an application that helps you quickly and without any problems to find each other in unfamiliar territory (in the city or in the countryside). A very simple interface (send information about your location, you can literally pair of Taps on the screen), check the phone number and the automatic cancellation of information transmission, if it lasts more than 12 hours. Unfortunately, for a successful meeting your friend must also be installed this application – which, however, was to be expected.



Craft – Minecraft Craft Guide (free) certainly immediately after reading these lines will install itself on your phone or tablet fans Minecraft . No joke – a complete set of all Crafting recipes on hand! For those who play on the mobile device, there is even a version for devices running Android Wear. In general, if you already play Minecraft, you know the value of this book. If not – be sure to try the tens of millions of players with shovels in their hands can not be wrong.



ROBLOX (free) – a kind of simple games designer, who has long been available on PC, Mac and iOS. With it you can create almost anything your heart pleases – though the strategy, though shooter, though platformer with elements of racing. Of course, complete freedom is not expected – ROBLOX is aimed at the younger generation, and not for good developers. All games created by other users on PC, Mac and iOS, will be available to users and Android-version, so that the content in it already abound. Maybe you make it your game, for example, specifically for his child?



Game Lionheart Tactics (free) – unpretentious and colorful, but the bulk of the epic and turn-based tactical role-playing game for those who XCOM There are not too tough. 50 cards, 16 classes of characters and a lot of improvements for them online battles ratings leaders, the campaign length of two hundred fights, 30 types of enemies (from skeletons to fabulous wild animals). Developers face in the studio Kongregate promise to regularly hold special events and activities that will enhance the reasons again and again to fight with other players on the network.



Strategic RPG Game of Thrones Ascent (free) finally reached smartphones (on the iPad it has been available since March). In it, players need to manage one of the inhabitants of Westeros, which should join any of the Great Houses. All in the game more than 2,500 jobs and adventures, and with the release of each new episode of the television series, the developers promise to add new (see, whether they will keep their word in a year!). Already, the game allows you to watch the events of the first four seasons of “Game of Thrones” at an odd angle. If anything, incest and fratricide in the game can not be engaged.



Roleplay «Guardians of the Galaxy: Weapon » (171 rubles) – a real gift for fans of comics and (possibly) the film. Together with Star Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax (that can perform joint combos!) Players are invited to stop a global catastrophe and not give the main villain seize versatile weapon. Just a game has 25 characters from the universe of “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Battles occur in real time, and the length of the campaign story is more than 60 levels. After its passage can have fun in the arena mode. No in-game micropayments no network connectivity is also not necessary (Marvel Games all well aware!).



Bug Heroes Game 2 (68 rubles) – a combination of defense towers and third-person shooter. The first part Bug Heroes came out only on iOS and like many critics. The second part introduces some new characters (a total of 25 pieces) and enemies. Players will perform as a single task with a purpose, and to survive in the endless mode. You can play on the network – together or against each other. Microtransactions seem to interfere with the process too – you can buy characters and in-game money.





In the near future mobile app Twitter allow users to get full access to the archive of their personal messages. Previously, this was impossible because of the technical features of the database service architecture. Furthermore, deletion of messages from mobile and desktop platforms will have in the future no errors.



Facebook introduced a new feature with the telling name «Save» . Any post to your feed users of social networks can be saved for later reference. In the case of mobile application store any link, you can simply swipe to the right, then it will appear in a separate section of the menu. The list of materials that you have saved by default available only yourself. In fact the “Save” is an analogue to add to favorites tweets from Twitter or adding conventional bookmarks in your browser.



was a first content patch for action Warhammer 40K: Carnage . Called update «Dark Angel» . Just name and a new playable character, which can be bought for gold or get the game for free. Carnage and will appear in a few new levels devoted to the new main character. Update also added to the game plasma gun, another type of armor (all this can be how to buy and earn without spending real money) and mode “Arena».



Madfinger Games has released another update for the popular shooter Dead Trigger 2 (see our review ). Players are waiting for some new story campaign, which takes place in Europe, a new way of earning money (via oil fields) and two new types of weapons (“Metal Storm” and “Cannon from Zone-51″). In addition, for several weeks every weekend on a special new arena called “Purgatory” will be tournaments for survival. Winners will be able to win at this not only virtual, but real prizes.



puzzle about bald killer Hitman GO (see our review ), a new set of levels – 15 pieces. Their action takes place at the airport, where players will be faced with a new type of enemies (which immediately follows the two lines), and apply new tactics (can pretend innocent civilians – but only until the first killing, also now allowed to pass the course, staying on place). Those who went through all the old levels Hitman GO, get free update and others can buy it for $ 0,99.





Android was favorite platform application developers, as reported in the new report, State of the Developer Nation of company Vision Mobile. Data were obtained in a survey of about 10,000 developers from 137 countries. Most applications developed for Android (70%), slightly less – for iOS (51%), even less – for Windows Phone (28%). Web application developers are interested in 15%, and BlackBerry-App – 11%. Most often used for the development of HTML5 (42%). Followed Java (38%), C / C + + (26%), Objective-C (24%), and C # (23%). With money from the authors of applications is not so good as it might seem: half of iOS-developers and 64% of their counterparts on Android earn less than $ 500 per month (one application). Nearly half of all developers and not making a profit. More than $ 500 thousand per month earns only 1.6% of employed workers in the industry.



Free2play-game with micropayments in Google Play will no longer be called “free.” Google has decided to submit to the demands of the European Commission, which did not like the fact that “free” mobile games actually often require regular infusions of money in the form of micro-transactions. Google also change the guidance for developers – direct marketing, the purpose of which are children, will not be encouraged. In addition, the default settings Google Play will now require authorization micropayment each separately. All of these changes will occur before the end of September this year. Note that Apple of views with the European Commission will not match and are not yet announced any such changes in the App Store.



Hitovaya iOS-game Mountain will appear in Google Play and PC. Unfortunately, the exact date of its release on these platforms is not yet known. Most likely, the release will take place before the end of this year. Mountain cost for Android will be the same as her and iOS-version (33 rubles, or $ 0.99), while the remaining details developer David O’Reilly promised to report in the autumn.



Mi-Clos Studio, developers magnificent space adventure game Out There , announced that the release of his hit for free supplement called Omega . As reported at the studio, will update about the middle of August, and will present it to the exhibition Gamescom 2014. Why wait for the players? The game will be new types of aliens and ships, new ending, more than 50 new interactive stories and – attention! – New graphics engine to display the planets and other celestial objects. Also opened preorders Out There for Windows and Mac OS ($ 10 for the regular edition, $ 15 – for the publication of a complete soundtrack; Android-version of the game for pre-order immediately and hand free).



If you remember, the official mobile output AAA shooter Modern Combat 5: Blackout from Gameloft is scheduled for July 24. Unfortunately, in the hands of pirates game hit before – now it is available on torrent-trackers and other sites with similar content. Gameloft held a contest whose winners were able to assess the game before anyone else. One of these turned out to be winners and supporter of piracy began to spread Modern Combat 5 on the network. The developers of this fact, of course, were not pleased and community manager of the company wrote the following post on Facebook: “As you can imagine, I’m furious. Let me turn to those who have already played in the MC5. You should be ashamed! We make these games for you, and you steal them. Anyone who is in any way hint at what has already played in the MC5, get banned. Seriously, that’s why we can not be anything good ».





ZTE decided to use all of their new devices launcher Google Now .


Service «Google Play Music» earned in Ukraine . Subscription costs 49 hryvnia per month.


first business application for devices running Android Wear developed in Russia .


In Google Play Magic appeared in 2015 – a new series of card games from Wizards of the Coast.


Ubisoft officially announced the card game Assassin’s Creed Memories .


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