Saturday, July 5, 2014

Head on BlackBerry Samsung KNOX for Android –

this week in the official blog Canada’s BlackBerry, which formerly called RIM, appeared curious report, authored by CEO John Chen thereof (John Chen). He was commenting on the decision of the Internet giant Google to use technology Samsung KNOX mobile operating system Android.

” While we welcome the plans of Google and Samsung, we do not think that this is enough for safety-oriented enterprises. Instead, look for companies that have spent three decades on the development of security and performance. In other words, do not be blinded by those who only speaks. contrary note for a company that has repeatedly shown that can do it, “- says John Chen.

main argument against John Chen security solutions Samsung KNOX is that it is now available to a limited number of users, while the BlackBerry service works several millions of mobile devices for decades. Strictly speaking, the security – it is the only trump BlackBerry, which the company may soon lose, given that Google and Apple are now actively develop and improve the security features of its software products.

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