Thursday, July 10, 2014

Overview android-smartphone Jiayu S1 –

Device Type

Jiayu S1

Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, 4 cores, up to 1.7 GHz

Adreno 320

Operating System
Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Memory GB
2 RAM, 32 ROM

IPS 5 “1920 x 1080

camera, MP
13; 2

GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900,
WCDMA 850/1900/2100

Number SIM-card units.
1 Micro-SIM

Support MicroSD

GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi (a / b / g / n), NFC


Battery mAh
Li-ion, 2300

Size mm
69 x 138 x 9 mm

Weight, g
143 (according to our measurements )

Package and Accessories

Jiayu Smartphone comes in a light and compact box made of cardboard with a glossy textured texture.

448x385 19 KB. Big one: 1164x1000 99 KB

The packaging contains the least useful information – brand name and Some legal information in Chinese. There is a sticker with the designation of a specific model and color options are housing.

448x378 17 KB. Big one: 1184x1000 316 KB

After opening the box, you can see the top of the smartphone. It can be conveniently removed, hooked through the recess provided.

448x392 23 KB. Big one: 1144x1000 92 KB

Inside you can find:

  • Mains Charger;

  • adapter for European sockets;

  • Micro-USB cable;

  • Clip to open the drawer SIM.

 448x196 12 KB. Big one: 1140x500 47 KB

Packaging concise and makes a good impression. The only thing that surprised me – is the lack of standard supplied headphones and any documentation.

Appearance and design

Hero review received a classical form a monoblock with a touch screen on the front panel. Unit Dimensions: 69 x 138 x 9 mm, weight 143 g Frames on the sides are great, about 4 mm.

As for tactile experiences, I can say that the smartphone is comfortable in the hand, the grip comfortable.

448x378 28 KB. Big one: 1184x1000 134 KB

Materials of Construction: nice and soft-touch plastic ” soft touch “. The frame is made from aluminum and was polished texture of the metal sheet.

188x448 9 KB. Big one: 629x1500 79 KB

faceplate covered protected by tempered glass. But, as you might expect, there’s no oleophobic coating, or it is applied to small bed. Finger glides over the surface well, the display itself is very easily soiled.

184x448 8 KB. Big one: 617x1500 73 KB

Jiayu S1 Build quality is good. Squeaks and no backlash. Body parts fit tightly together. Torsional test smartphone runs normally.

448x393 14 KB. Big one: 1140x1000 52 KB

Now go through the elements. Placed on the front side already accustomed to the new solutions of light and motion sensor, earpiece, front camera, and a small LED for notifications.

indicator lights continuously red when charging or blink once every two seconds green when active notification. Its brightness is ample. Adjusting the length of time the glow and color provided third-party software.

448x265 9 KB. Big one: 1184x700 121 KB

Below is the standard unit of touch keys: “Menu “,” Home “and” Back “.

448x384 13 KB. Big one: 1168x1000 49 KB

unit is equipped with a hardware key is not the brightest white and very uneven illumination. For example, the central key is virtually devoid of it. And with backlight OFF button and did not manifest themselves almost.

The standard firmware vibration response of the keys is missing, but the feelings the vibration motor is operating normally. However, its power can not be adjusted.

At the top you can see the entrance to 3.5 mm headphone and microphone for additional noise reduction.

448x55 5 KB. Big one: 1214x149 19 KB

Below is a Micro-USB connector for synchronization and basic microphone. In my case, at the end of the warranty sticker was also present.

448x57 6 KB. Big one: 1363x173 27 KB

on the left edge manufacturer has placed “rocker” volume control and the SIM-card.

448x30 4 KB. Big one: 1453x96 14 KB

On the right side at the top there is a button on / off and lock. All the keys are well and clearly groped pressed. Backlash or unpleasant sounds when you are absent.

448x30 4 KB. Big one: 1442x95 13 KB

On the back side of the top is a camera in chrome edging, and next to it you can see a single flash. It shines brightly, and may be used as a flashlight more than for its intended purpose.

interesting feature worth mentioning – the active lock screen when you hold the softkey “Home” comes dim flashlight, if the key is released, it will switch off.

448x324 11 KB. Big one: 1368x988 48 KB

under the chamber in the center is the logo of the manufacturer, and even below – the brand name and the right speaker. Pleased with the presence of plastic strip that separates speaker hole on the two slits and protrudes slightly above it. Thanks to this solution when placing smartphone “on the back” sound is not suppressed.

448x356 12 KB. Big one: 1260x1000 48 KB

During the tests, the model has not lost its marketability, which suggests that the smartphone is not subject to rapid deterioration when used carefully.

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