Sunday, July 6, 2014

Universal extra button for tablet or smartphone with Android –

Some models of modern smartphones are ready to completely abandon the physical buttons in favor of touch controls, except power off button. In many situations like fascination touchscreen interface turns inconvenience operation – known, for example, that he is not very friendly with frosts. Nevertheless, on the market there are devices that allow one extra button on virtually any tablet or smartphone running Google Android.

In particular, the Japanese stores were seen accessory iKey , which can not only play the role of” ear “for the headphone jack of your smartphone or tablet, but also empower mobile additional physical button. As you might guess, the button is built into this same “gag”.

At the level of software infrastructure iKey is compatible with Android 4.3 and above on older smartphones it will not work, as shown by the experiments of our Japanese colleagues.

Virtually any device additional button looks elegant, and while it is always at hand. Relationship between the number of clicks, their duration and perform the functions can be adjusted individually. For example, double-clicking may cause the camera, triple – to run a specific application. You can even set powered off with this button.

In Japanese retail such additional button is worth about $ 10. Available also found modifications tailored for specific mobile devices. Maybe someone will find a button fairly useful and convenient in operation, it is one of the few ways to personalize the standard functionality of Android-devices.

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