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5 inconvenience Android Wear, who are advised to immediately correct Google –

 Android Wear

platform from Google Smart hours, Android Wear, today seems the best among other operating systems for this category of devices. Even now, in the early stages of development, Android Wear already knows how much, providing hours at its base five advantages. But if you use the clock on the basis of Android Wear, then after a few minutes you can detect some annoying features that put it on Google.

 Android Wear

This opinion columnist resource Greenbot Ryan Uituom and identifies a number of characteristic operating system inconveniences which he advises Google fix. From this list should identify five basic qualities of the user uncomfortable.

1. Running Applications

application is automatically installed in the Android Wear with your phone via Bluetooth-connection. Developers, this approach is convenient and allows you to extend the functionality of applications already installed Android Wear and distribute designed for this operating system application through Google Play. But these applications are open on the clock is not a simple task.

Launch an application using a voice command is acceptable in most cases, but in some situations, “conversation” with a wristwatch will look ridiculous, and at times will make it altogether impossible. You will have to open the search screen and rotate it until the end, to get access to the list of applications. This approach is hardly intuitive.

2. Not enough history cards

interface is based on a series of Android Wear cards with vertical scrolling. Notifications smartphone and Google Now coming through the phone. You can not turn again to the card that was removed you from the screen. In Android Wear provided even the possibility of lifting action.

In most cases this is not a problem. If you missed the notification of received mail, you can check it from your smartphone. But what if there was a reset weather map? Will take place about a day before Google Now decides to show it to you again. It would be good if in the Android Wear there some way to restore the missing cards.

3. Unable to start a new conversation in Hangouts

If you received a message through “Googley” system chat Hangouts, you can reply directly to the voice of hours based on Android Wear. But to start a new conversation you do not succeed. In this approach, there is no logic. Operating system lacks voice command allows you to send a message through the Hangout. This same service itself Google, and it is supported only partially. You can only send a new SMS-hours message, depending on the application that your interlocutor.

4. Too short a period of time before automatically sending the message

Although speech recognition in the operating system Android Wear and decent, it sometimes makes mistakes. To check them, watches give the user time to check the mailbox, and then it will automatically be sent. But this time period is too short. You have about two seconds for something to read the writing. If you need more time, you have tapnut on the screen to pause, and then send the message manually.

5. You can not set screen timeout

wearable device based on Android Wear receives messages from all applications that create a notification on your phone. And sometimes it means that the text will be many. To read more than a few sentences, you have to touch the screen again and again.

Unfortunately, the screen automatically dims and switches back to black and white mode in about three seconds. A change this time interval the user can not. This is due to the need to economize energy. But three seconds – it’s too little. All that you can choose – it is permanent or on-state or not. Ability to set the time interval before the screen turns off no.

 Android Wear

So whether deliver serious inconvenience to the user above features Android Wear? What, in your opinion, the operating system Android Wear still lacking to smart watches are no less popular than smartphones? Or is it impossible to watch and smart – just a toy that will never become a real mobile device? Was at the conference Google I / O open a new page in the history of portable digital devices or everything that happens around smart hours, many years will be of little interest to the general public?

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