Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Android reset to factory settings allows you to restore user data – Computer Information Portal

Many smartphone owners

sooner or later decide to sell or donate your old machine and buy a new one. This, of course, they erase all of your personal information, videos, photos, passwords. Known in the world of information security company Avast conducted a study that casts doubt on the reliability of data deletion on the Android operating system by resetting the device to factory settings. Meanwhile, this procedure is carried out by many users before ever part with their smartphone or tablet.

on eBay experts Avast purchased 20 smartphones (of them there sold only about 80,000 have already been used) . Of them they were able to recover about 40,000 photos, 750 emails, 250 contacts, the identity of the former owners of four units.


According to the president of the mobile unit Avast Jude MakKolgan, reset to factory clear data only at the application level, and the procedure to restore them afterwards is not too complicated. All programs that were involved in this case (used, for example, FTK Imager), are well-known and publicly available.

In this regard, Avast indicates your own application on Android, which is “to cope with the removal of user data better built-in tools of the operating system from Google ».

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