Monday, July 14, 2014

Wear Mini Launcher panel for easy access to applications on devices Android Wear – 3DNews


devices based on Android Wear already convinced that access to third-party applications on the platform is not so easy – you need to go through several menus to launch the desired application. Hardly an oversight team of developers Android Wear – they did not seek to create smart phone on the wrist, and wanted to make the technology Google Now center environment on handheld devices.

But some people still want to have more control over third-party applications installed. One of the developers said this demand and decided to meet him, presenting their own software addition. Wear Mini Launcher – first panel applications for Android Wear – allows quick access to all installed programs.

Supplement quite useful – many applications Android Wear can offer some advanced features, but because of the difficulty of access to them to use they are not as comfortable as we would like. To display the screen panel applications Wear Mini, you just need to implement swipe from the top left corner. Application can be downloaded for free from the store Google Play.


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