Thursday, July 3, 2014

Duration of 5 Nexus on Android L increased by 36% compared to Android 4.4 – Computer Information Portal

Within each development version of the mobile operating system Android Google focuses on a specific project. Thus, in the Jelly Bean version existed project Butter, designed to improve speed and performance of the system due to smoother animation at 60 frames per second. In the version of KitKat figured project Svelte, who conducted the optimization for the normal operation of the system with RAM to 512 MB.

The new version of Android L has its own project – Volta, aimed at increasing the work of mobile devices from batteries. He was devoted to the separate performance at a developers conference Google I / O, and now we know what are the real benefits of the project brings Volta.


After analyzing in Google found that activation devices, which only takes a second, takes them two minutes of work due to the activation of the processor, applications, and other components, and check for updates. Aims to reduce this load new API JobScheduler, which combines having a low priority application requests in the same group. In addition, the device will not be activated to perform related to network connectivity problems, if there is no access to the network.

new analytic function Battery Historian gives developers a detailed look at the power consumption, the transition from Dalvik virtual machine on ART also helps increase the duration of work. The new power saving function is activated when the charge of 15%, lowering productivity and reducing brightness.

The portal Arstechnica conducted testing of the Nexus 5 Wi-Fi network and screen brightness of 200 nits. Test is a single-page browser update. As a result, the duration of Android L Developer Preview was 36% more than Android 4.4, which is equivalent to more than two hours (345 vs. 471 minutes). One can hope that the final version of this figure will increase even more.

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