Thursday, January 26, 2017

8 secret functions of Android, which don’t know 90 % of users

Perhaps, now impossible to find someone in his pocket who wouldn’t be favorite and indispensable smartphone

Perhaps, now impossible to find someone in his pocket who wouldn’t be favorite and indispensable smartphone. And while you are unlikely to find someone who knows all of the incredible things that can come from these most useful inventions of mankind. decided once and for all put an end to this ignorance and to tell you about the 8 most interesting Android features.

the easiest way to save energy

If as Wallpapers for your Android device you choose black or other dark background, automatic backlight pixels are turned off, and you will notice what phone or tablet began to work without charging much longer. Yet this feature does not work on all Android devices, but it is, for example, most of Samsung smartphones. Check out!

Play text voice

This article can not only read, but also to listen — of course, if you have Android. So if you are one of those who prefer to perceive information by ear, just look in the settings select “Special features” and activate the voice playback of the text.

Remote control smartphone

Just go to menu “Settings -> Security -> device Administrators” and under “Android device Manager” check the box next to the column “Remote search devices”. Now if you lose your smartphone, you can restore all the data and lock it using this website.

Enable “guest mode”

If you want to transfer your phone to another person and to preserve the confidentiality of all personal information uploaded to a smartphone or tablet, simply use the “Guest mode”. Swipe two fingers down on the display in the dialog box the quick settings click on the user icon in the top right corner. Here will appear the “Add a guest” and you will be able to select which actions may be taken with this device.


People with low vision are not even aware how much this feature can simplify their lives. Just go to “Settings -> accessibility -> magnification Gestures”. You will then be able to zoom in to any area of the display by simply clicking on it.


To access the Internet from different devices do not need to buy a separate 3G modem or other device — with this task perfectly cope your smartphone. Just in the graph of the settings “Wireless & networks” select “hotspot” and check the box next to “WLAN access Point”. It works!

to Control the phone with motion of the head

Sometimes there are situations when we just need to use a favorite gadget, but my hands are busy or on the street so cold that does not want to absolve themselves warm mittens. Well, this problem has a solution! Installing the free app EVA Facial Mouse, you can control your Android device using head movements! Detailed installation instructions here.

Hidden game

Starting with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Google places on Android devices a little gift for users, not so easy. But the instructions which will still help you to do this. Open “Settings” and go to “About phone” or “About tablet”. Several times, quickly tap “Android Version” and when you have small marshmallows, marshmallows, quickly tap it several times. After these actions will open a special mini-game. You haven’t found her yet? So what are you waiting for?


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