Friday, August 7, 2015

Uzyavimosti in Android Google forced to release weekly updates –

Google, which owns the operating system Android, and Samsung will be releasing regular updates to fix vulnerabilities. The decision was made shortly after gaps were found in the multimedia engine Stagefright, which allows to remotely hack up to 95 percent of phones Android. It is reported by Reuters.

«We realized that we must act quickly,” – said at the Black Hat hacker conference in Las Vegas Adrian Ludwig chief security expert Android.

In the first all security updates are prihodt for branded smartphones Google – Nexus (Nexus models from Nexus 4 to 10). The patches will be released on a weekly basis, the latter comprising a solution of the problem Stagefright, has already become available this week. Samsung, the largest manufacturer of Android-smartphone will send monthly fix.

However, in some countries, Samsung upgrade will take place through mobile operators, which have signed contracts for the joint production of smartphones and tablets. In such a case, the decision to transfer the update is accepted partner. Because of such contracts the South Korean manufacturer can even agree on what programs should be pre-installed on the device.

Ludwig said that the changes in the latest version of Android will reduce the effectiveness of attacks in 9 of 10 cases. He also noted that the fears of a large number of vulnerabilities in Android exaggerated. A Google spokesman said that only 200 smartphone (not including smart phones and tablets Fire from Amazon, which also runs under Android) You can find an application with the potential malware. Still, the biggest risk is cut out in the annexes, are not downloaded from the official store, Ludwig emphasized.

On the potential threat to most Android smartphones became known in late July. Specialists from Zimperium were found seven vulnerabilities that allow, in some cases, to get full access with administrative rights, in other cases – up to the microphone and camera, allowing you to monitor the victim.

For a malicious user would need to know the telephone number of the victim and Send to a multimedia message (MMS). As stated by the experts, the success does not require the user to read the message and the attached file is launched – enough to MMS was made smartphone.


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