Monday, August 3, 2015

Android Authority study to evaluate changes in the performance of smartphones in the past seven years –

Resource Android Authority, who recently proved that the modern software for Android is fully capable to load eight processor cores, decided to assess whether the performance of smartphones has changed over the past seven years. In order to evaluate the “scale of the tragedy” recall – “old” by today’s standards the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S, equipped with a single core platform and screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels (and it was the flagship), released just five years ago. But HTC Dream, which was on the market for two years before that, has only 192 MB of RAM and a platform with a frequency of 528 MHz.


Unfortunately, the source made it a benchmark performance test package Geekbench, which evaluates only the capabilities of the processor. So look at the leap in GPU performance we are not able to.


In fact, sources estimate not only the change of the performance itself, but also other related aspects.


So, to begin to estimate the change of performance for Android and iOS.


As you can see, the performance mode Multi-core solutions from top to Android last year was much higher. But the performance of a single core platform from Apple is not much, but outperformed the competition.


The following chart – changing performance brands.


This chart is not particularly interesting, since the majority of companies still uses in its flagship high-end platform at the time of Qualcomm.


The third graph – to change the performance of devices of different price segments.


It is clearly seen that by 2013 much of a difference Mezhuyev devices of the upper and middle price segments was not. But there was a huge gap separating the lower and smartphones of the budget segment. To date, more uniform distribution, which is likely due to the large selection of single-chip platforms, in particular, because of the strengthening of positions of MediaTek. In general, the growth for each segment fairly linear. Do not be amiss to note that today’s budget decisions are the flagship performance in 2012.

Source: Android Authority


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