Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Six of the best skins for Android: choice ZOOM –

Android, before they reach Lollipop, already may be used as an independent entity: it basically does not need the shell as a “crutch for a healthy” for normal operation. Today, the shell for the OS are not used to correct something, but rather to enhance the ability of the OS is using hidden chips (even banal restart long been the lot of third-party only “skins” and utilities Used in conjunction with the “unlocked”), and just do it the standard more convenient to use. And if earlier, for example, holders of top models had to be content with a proprietary interface, which is sometimes left much to be desired, but today anyone a little savvy in mobility persons can without any problems to replace it more powerful, convenient, and most importantly – a free third-party shell.

Another trend in this area – the real one hundred percent Chinese and shell were surprisingly good and convenient. And if a year ago you could only say about LEWA OS and MIUI, today the skins as independent and “dopilennuyu” much more than it was then.

Solo Launcher

This shell is now regarded as one of the best free, which can replace the native Google Now in Android. For it has been written more than 5000 subjects (a kind of record holder), supported by gestures and custom grouping applications into folders and bookmarks. This shell is the traditional type ‘desktops + list of applications “, and its slogan translated reads:” Just. Fast. Clever. ”

Among the pros are called low system resource requirements, and lack of “heavy” effects, as well as a large number of widgets. And eschё- Solo Launcher is free and does not require to watch ads in exchange.

Say about Solo Launcher can, in fact, quite a few things: this shell is quite simple and not to say that has a lot of interesting pieces, but Here is a simple working as it should, with no complaints and problems, making Android a little more comfortable.

Thus, Solo Launcher can be recommended to those looking for a simple and uncomplicated shell, which has everything you need and nothing more, that professes traditional structure of applications and desktops, and who do not want to pay the money for all this.

Huawei Emotion UI

This is the shell, which can be called “corporate” because it promotes the company Huawei with its smartphones. As called Emotion UI users – is “interface impregnated with the ideas of minimalism.”

And the first Unlike most interfaces it is that the concept has gone the way of the lack of a traditional “internal” list of applications and shortcuts on the desktop: Now there instead of shortcuts applications themselves, which can be grouped as you want.

In addition, the useful things – such as the simultaneous closing of all applications – are present by default, no need to spend time searching for this specific application.

More interesting things – “easy mode”, strongly reminiscent of the desktop Windows Phone. That is, instead of icons in Huawei offer the user workspace, organized with the help of a large application tiles. The font, by the way, can also be increased, which makes the phone usable elderly.

You can also note the presence of the default power saving mode: shell warns strongly hungry programs. And not just a warning, and she closes them, if you long to react to the warning, which will save battery power. More from custom – availability network connections manager that lets you see what application consumes how much traffic, or limit it to disable / enable someone to use one or the other channel (Wi-Fi or mobile).


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