Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Users of Android-devices were able to replace Google Now at Cortana –

According to Microsoft, the next update Cortana voice assistant for devices running the operating system Android, has brought with it an important innovation.


Now you can assign a default assistant Cortana, which will replace the Google Now. If previously you had to run Cortana, like any other application on Android, via an appropriate label, now appointing Cortana standard assistant can simply hold your finger on the Home button on your smartphone or tablet.


It is worth noting that while the integration of Cortana is not complete. The fact is that many Android-powered device you just say «OK, Google», to activate Google Now, with Cortana this trick does not work yet. According to experts, to implement similar functionality, Microsoft would be required manipulation with low-level access to the “iron».


Another thing – as long as that Cortana does not understand the Russian language, and Microsoft has not said that when the list of supported languages ​​will replenish the great and powerful.


Source: Microsoft


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