Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The price of smart phones Android One fell to $ 50 – 3DNews

Google has promised to take new steps in the program Android One, aimed at the release of low-cost smartphones running the latest version of Android for developing countries. Managing Director for South-East Asia Rajan Anandan (Rajan Anandan) said in an interview with The Financial Times, that the new plan for the further development of Android One initiative will be presented in the next few weeks. All the details of the plan will be known later, but right now, Mr. Anandan revealed that the price of smart phones Android One dropped to $ 50.

The program was launched Android One to standardize low-cost smartphones for emerging markets, and ensure that All users will be available to devices based on the latest versions of Android. Google does not release the hardware, but provides a set of standards which ensures that the device manufactured in accordance with the program, have the necessary characteristics of a list.

Google is also considering Android One as a way to monitor (and, may profit) Distribution Android in the emerging markets. This is contrary to the policy of the Chinese budget smartphone manufacturers that use “branch» Android without integrated services of Google. As suspected by the company, the brand Android One earn consumer confidence and help steer the markets of developing countries, millions of smartphones with “pure» Android, connected to Google services and advertising network.

However, until the project Android One brings only disappointment. Instead, add the intended target with the help of more one billion smartphone users, according to experts, less than one million units Android One sold this year in India, an important market for the program.

Rajan Anandan acknowledged that the project is not justified expectations, but it confirmed the company’s commitment to its further implementation. In addition to reducing the price of smart phones Android One, also plans to launch new services and applications designed for the Indian market.


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