Thursday, August 27, 2015

Five major compromises in the transition from iOS to Android –

If all reasonableness, balance and demand from Apple iPhone there are objective disadvantages in comparison with some smartphones to Android. IPhone is not intended for use in water, rarely lives longer than a day on a single charge (if it is not 6 Plus), can not boast of QHD-screen ultra-fast charging, is not equipped with mnogomegapikselnoy front camera, does not support the memory card by default allows you to upload media content (music and movies) through the “Explorer» (Finder), rather than through iTunes.

The main advantage of Android-smartphone market – diversity: tired of the iPhone, you can select the device with the original design, waterproof housing, a huge battery, memory card slot, and the elegant front of the camera. The second advantage – the price: if 20-25 thousand sold or outdated or reconditioned iPhone, then on Android for the money you can buy a decent and powerful model.

But before you arrange a shuttle service running iOS on Android you need to familiarize yourself with the pitfalls that are sure to meet the future owner of the smartphone OS from Google.

Random pressing

Even at the presentation of the first iPhone (iPhone 2G), Steve Jobs mentioned protection against accidental taps on the touch screen. Apple founder was convinced that control of the fingers can be useful only if the display distinguishes the correct pressing and those that you should not respond. As a result, kupertinovskaya protection against unnecessary tapov became a mystery, as the composition of spices in restaurants KFC. For 8 years, the manufacturers of Android-smartphone released a huge amount of gadgets with bright, clear and sensitive displays, but did not come close to the iPhone in terms of response to accidental pressing.

this is most clearly felt while typing. On iOS support of the keyboard and did not become popular: it was limited to digest in the style of “10 new keyboards for the iPhone». IOS users have installed alternative keypady 8 out of curiosity, and then returns to the standard version. In Android harder: the more likely you will spend a couple of hours in the Google Play, by installing the keyboard and selecting the most convenient layout. By the way, it is possible that to the keyboard that you enjoy, the Russian language will not be in any form.

Scored top bar

The characteristic feature of iOS: a stranger to the icon was on the top panel, something supernatural to happen. Most often it is limited information about the signal and the operator, the display method of connecting to the internet, watch, clock icon and battery information display (percentage or not). Sometimes, this kit adds an icon lock the screen orientation, and the crescent moon, which means that the user selects “Do not disturb».

On Android, the top bar acts as an informant. Install the application? So we indicate. Missed Service? Five notifications came. Message arrived in the messenger? It should be fixed. Chose power-saving mode? Display this upstairs.

Designed to be useful panel acquires micro badges faster than you realize that no time to monitor them. A typical way of the lazy owner of Android-smartphone: save three dozen notification and then erase them in two touches. Pedantic users do otherwise manually disable access to the upper bar for each application. Both scenarios are inconvenient, but Google gives developers the freedom to create, and they enjoy it, if the program has an opportunity to remind the user about yourself, why not do it?


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