Monday, August 3, 2015

Hackers have found dangerous vulnerability in Android-smartphone – Russian newspaper

Fraudsters have found a new way to extort money from users of Android-ustroystv.Cherez dangerous vulnerability in the operating system, hackers can turn a smartphone owner in the “brick”, he writes CNews referring to the publication of Trend Micro.

According to journalists, the reason for the non-working gadget can become even an ordinary video format MKV. The thing is that there is a dangerous gap in the component mediaserver, which is designed to index the media files in the device memory. The problem arises at the moment of indexing the file format MKV: buffer overflows and writing data in the memory area of ​​zero. This leads to endless reboot component mediaserver.

Unfortunately, the malicious file can fall not only through the video. As we found out the art, hackers are able to introduce the virus, even in HTML-code of a typical Web page. When the user gets it via the mobile browser, mediaserver also go into an endless reboot. It’s so slow down the operating system that the smartphone will not respond, although it will remain on.

Experts believe that in this way greatly interested extortionists. They can remotely lock your smartphone stranger, and then demand money for the owner unlocking the gadget.

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Recall recently, experts from the company” Doctor Web “found in the store Google Play application dangerous virus that managed to hit more than 1.5 million devices running Android. The virus was named Android.DownLoader.171.origin. On the infected phone he performs the functions of a Trojan downloader and adware applications. Immediately after being hit on the smartphone malware without the user can install any applications that will indicate the attackers. In addition, the Trojan can also silently remove the program from the phone owner.


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