Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The new “Yandex” for Android: a single point of access – BBC News

The updated application “Yandeks.Poisk” for Android was simply “by Yandex”. Now it can be used not only to look for something on the Internet, but also to get information about traffic or weather, get acquainted with the exchange rates or read the news, find the nearest restaurant or shop, etc.

In general in the new “Yandex” in the visual form collected information from various services of the company (weather, traffic, news, movie poster, a map with nearby organizations, a list of favorite applications, etc.).

So, at the top of the program displays the current date and day of the week, and as the user’s location. Below is a line with icons of services “Yandex”, that can be navigated swipe. It also provides information on weather and current rating plugs. After reading the current news, the price of oil and quotations of currencies on the map near your location, you can find shops, pharmacies, ATMs, etc. List of transportation applications (“Metro”, “Transport”, “Trains”, etc.) continue to broadcast and “Bill” with the latest rental. Rounding out the page one more line with popular services from “Yandex” and floating search form.

By the way, search queries are given a voice in the application or typed on the keyboard. Typically, the search string offers the most probable continuation of the first letters of request, and unequivocal answers to questions like [the capital of Turkey] or [inch in centimeters] will appear directly in the tips. Incidentally, in the latter case, even a calculator is available for translation. In “Yandex” claim that the search is able to determine which service is the best response to any given request, for example, at the request of [Yalta] first pictures of the resort offers.

The recommended setting for the application widget (4×4) makes it possible to quickly and easily configure, and then bring to the home screen, all the necessary and useful. For example, included in the widget information about the weather, the latest news and the recommended application. In addition, the bottom line of this widget can collect icons of frequently used programs, not only from the “Yandex”, but other developers.

It is worth recalling that the first version of the search application “Yandex” for Android has appeared in the end of 2011. According to the company, it is now weekly audience of more than 3 million people, and for the last year it doubled. Every day, more than one million people to run this program.

The updated application “Yandex” can be downloaded for free from Google Play. The current version of the program and the required version of the Android OS depends on the device.


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