Thursday, August 6, 2015

Apple interested in developing applications for Android – RBC

Apple, the most expensive company in the world, on its official website posted a job a few developers to the Android operating system owned by its rival Google. Previously, the company manufactured products primarily for its own enclosed ecosystem – iOS (the operating system that runs all mobile devices Apple).

August 5 at Apple’s site there was a vacancy with the following description of the position: “We are looking for programmers that will help us move our new and exciting products on Android ». This may mean that the American corporation does not stop at the service adaptation strimingovogo Apple Music platform and release of Google applications «Move to iOS».

On the day of the official launch of music service – July 8, 2015 – Apple today announced that that Apple Music in the fall and will be available on devices based on Android. And on the same day on the website of the corporation there was a vacancy under the Android Developer for service strimingovogo Apple Music (vacancy is still available on the site).

Earlier, in June this year, simultaneously with the release of a new version of the iOS operating system 9, the corporation has introduced a new application «Move to iOS». With it, you can transfer data from the device to the Android tablet Cmartfon or iOS. “The program is safe to copy your contacts, message history, photos and videos, bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpapers, songs and books. In addition, the program will recreate the library applications. Any free application that you use on Android, such as Facebook and Twitter, will be invited to download from the App Store [mobile store Apple] », – stated in the description of the program.

The head of Tim Cook has said in 2013, that Apple has no “religious bias” against the order to make an application for Android. If the company deems it necessary, it will be done, he said.

Andoid – today’s most popular operating system in the world. From 2012 to 2014 the popularity of iOS gradually decreased, and Android, by contrast, grew up. In January-March 2012, the share of iOS costavlyaet 22,9%, Android – 59,2%. Two years later, the balance of power was again in favor of Google: 15,5% from iOS vs. 81.2% for Android. However, in early 2015 the dynamics has changed: Apple’s share increased by 3.1 percentage points, while Android – decreased by 1.2 percentage points According to IDC, in the first quarter of 2015 the share sold in the world of smart phones based on Android was 78%, while Apple’s platform has been installed only at 18.3% of the total number of units sold.

In the past two weeks, stocks Apple lost much in price: the market value of the company from July 20 to August 6, 2015 decreased by $ 90 billion, indicating Business Insider. During this period, the share price fell from nearly $ 131 to $ 115. In this regard, analysts Bank of America Merrill Lynch cut its forecast for the marginal value of one share – from $ 142 to $ 130, and changed the recommendation for the acquisition of shares of Apple c positive (Buy ) to neutral (Neutral; not recommended for purchase, but get rid of them too early).

His decision analysts explained that Apple is dependent on sales of iPhone, demand for which is slowing down. In addition, the analysts wrote that the corporation is losing ground in China, where for the quarter Apple ranked third, behind local producers Xiaomi and Huawei. Experts also pointed to slowing revenue growth in US dollars, which correlates to the price of shares

At the time of writing the material capitalization of Apple Inc. It was $ 653.87 billion. The peak value in 2015, the American corporation has demonstrated in February; then investors value a company on the stock exchange at $ 765 billion.


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