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Choose a messenger for android-devices: text messages – Xabber, Mail.Ru Agent and IM + –

Minimalistic (left sidebar – without tabs)

The ability to self-configure
Excellent (everything you need for communication and privacy)

The maximum load on the system (CPU / RAM)
0-0.1% / 48 -52 MB

only text messages

Availability Emoji, emoticons, gif-animation

Transfer files and multimedia


The social component (integration with social networks, group chats)
Google Talk and XMPP-accounts



The first impression

So the first thing we suggest is to create an account. Unlike traditional instant messengers, where registration is enough to drive a phone number or enter through a social network, in Xabber you can choose the type of account (XMPP and Google Talk), and to use an anonymous connection through TOR, which, incidentally, are not recommended in the case of Google Talk.

The last option we already have, so use XMPP-service. Sama registration will take place via email and chat in the same window, which is very convenient.

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After a simple registration procedure immediately opens the configuration menu account. Here you can customize the interface to parameterize the proxy server and manually configure the host himself.

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Interface Program standard, clearly borrowed from the classic Google applications of the previous generation. At the same time disappointed that Xabber can communicate only with those who have Xabber or Google Talk.

By the way, any contacts from the address book is not added, nor added, and contacts from Google-account. All this, coupled with the integration of TOR make the perfect application for anonymous communication, as they say, among friends.

Of course, compete with Mail.Ru Agent software can not. Before us is really a private club, which is either accepted or not.

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Now let us turn to the settings that are hidden in the left popup sidebar. The first line are the aforementioned accounts. Below – the ability to disable the display of offline contacts, avatars, groups and so on.

You can hide the accounts, duplicate active chats in the main list of active chats or move to the top of the contact list. Also added sort users by status and alphabetically.

In general, nothing more, communication can be made as convenient as possible, and contact spread by relevance.

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In the tab” Chat “to enable / disable avatars in communications hide keyboard after sending the message, which in turn can be sent” Enter », as well as changing the font, turn on the typing notification, and put the check in front to respond to requests to attract attention, that is, we accept the friendship or not. Not without the possibility of changing the background.

Thus, Xabber collected all the best messengers have accumulated in recent years, and without any tinsel and decorations. It’s simple, clear and to the point.

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With regard to the notification, there is in addition to the classic sound and vibration there is” notify only in the current chat “, which is convenient if you do not want to be distracted by minor.

And, attention, you can display only those warning messages, which established certain key phrases, such as “I have come, call” or “We are interested in your offer.” You can specify the text of the search, the ID portion of a contact or the name of the contact group. In addition, the application can use regular expressions, and such notice is put your sound.

Well, with this setting is unlikely to miss the most important, but it is useful only if the regular and frequent communication. Bravo, what can I say.

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In the” connection settings “include autostart and set up the transition to the status of” Away “or” Long ago Away “when you lock the screen. You can also prevent the disabling Wi-Fi when not in use and not to the processor to sleep when the application is running. Naturally, these measures will lead to excessive activity battery faster.

By the way, you can set a priority for every state, that is, the application will work, depending on what is selected. For example, in the mode of “Away” has become a priority of 20, and the “Ready to talk” – 0.

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With the safety program at all normal. Implemented inspection certificate server, as well as their complete removal. It also preserves the history and select the mode of OTR-encryption – automatic, manual and mandatory regimes disabled.

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Completes the setting is complete and irrevocable clearing the cache. In general, parameterization from Xabber more than normal. And there are some features that are not found in other messengers.

A bit disappointing only support Android OS to the latest version, a little confusing interface and a special detachment of the program, although apparently this is her main goal.

So the first impression of the application – excellent. Now let’s talk. Incidentally, the video calls are not implemented.

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Appetites Xabber moderate – only 48.7 MB zero CPU load. In principle, it would consume more impudence as any multimedia chips in the messenger is not.

As for the permissions, they are the lowest of those with whom I have met in the review of such programs – did not find fault with what. It turns out that it is still possible to create a humble messenger of permits, which do not need to climb to all corners of Android, but at the same time, as they say, to connect people. There Xabber undisputed leader.

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So, to add a contact, extended groupchat functionality includes, set your status, view or close all the chat, simply click on the upper right corner.

The very contact is added to each account separately, and to find it enough to drive a mail conversation. So, in Xabber accidental contact does not happen. In the case of the conference – is not just a group chat, a specific forum to “Yabbere” – you just find an interesting theme and includes a joint discussion.

As for the status, it can not be changed, but the status message can be added. Incidentally, in the lower right corner, you can quickly switch between their accounts.

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 281x450 12 KB. Big one: 800x1280 43 KB  281x450 22 KB. Big one: 800x1280 72 KB

As for the dialogue, then there is the classic dialog box with a” cheerful “background and correspondence” herringbone “. No smiles, as well as file transfer is not implemented.

At the bottom you write messages using encryption and the team, but it is only if you have activated the TOR. At the same conference for dialogue myriad. Enough to score the server address, found that the Internet is not difficult.

At the top right, you can view the contact information, to make a quick adjustment chat and IM locally save or delete it.

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 281x450 87 KB. Big one: 800x1280 369 KB  281x450 87 KB. Big one: 800x1280 366 KB
 281x450 85 KB. Big one: 800x1280 362 KB

In the main window, where there are no tabs, there is a kind of” Zebra “from the multi-colored messages from different accounts. First, it looks unusual, but as the dialogue there is a clear structure, organization.

As mentioned above, this application is ideal for large conferences and continuous exchange of information.

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At the end of the test resource consumption rose slightly – up 52.7 MB. However, the processor podnapryagsya – 0.1%. As for the main mobile communication – traffic, for “a few words” had to pay about 700 KB, and the average time of conversation takes about 8-10 MB.

Basically, it’s a little, but a record low consumption can not be named. But no crashes or bugs, as well as dropping the line that pleases.

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Xabber – most unusual and controversial messenger we’ve ever considered. It can not be put in one line with anyone, except only with the imo – and that is very, very conditional.

There is nothing inherent in the top solutions, but there is a secure communication, an interesting conference, the ideal configuration and minimal consumption of system resources. In general, Xabber – it Xabber, as an application “for the” perfect it.


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